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Instruções de Operação Anchor Audio, Modelo AN-Mini

Fabricante : Anchor Audio
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The AN-Mini is battery-operated so you can take it anywhere. Just switch it on and you are ready for indoor or outdoor assemblies anywhere. You can also connect your ipod, MP3 player or CD Player to the AN-Mini’s convenient Line In jack. 6-YEAR WARRANTY! REACH CROWDS OF 50 + DELIVERS 109 dB OF CLEAR SOUND BUILT-IN UHF WIRELESS RECEIVER AVAILABLE LIGHTWEIGHT AT ONLY 2.5 POUNDS LINE IN JACK FOR IPOD, MP3 & CD PLAYER 16 CHANNEL UHF DIVERSITY WIRELESS BY ANCHOR AUDIO OPERATES UP TO 12 HOURS ON FULLY CHARGED BATTERIES 4.5” NEODYMIUM WOOFER & 30W AMPLIFIER PHANTOM-POWERED INPUT FOR ELECTRET-TYPE MICROPHONE HANDHELD WIRED MICROPHONE AVAILABLE OPTIONAL RECHARGEABLE KIT MADE IN THE USA! AN-MINI MODELS AN-MINI AC/DC powered speaker monitor AN-MINIU1 AN-MINI w/ 1 built-in wireless receiver ACCESSORIES MIC-50 Dynamic handheld wired microphone SOFT-30 Soft case - custom colors available SS-300 Speaker stand RC-30 Battery charging kit UHF WIRELESS WH-6000 Wireless Handheld mic/transmitter WB-6000 Wireless body-pack transmitter w/ handsfree microphone. Mic options include: Over-the-Ear/EM-60T, Lapel/LM-60, Collar/CM-60, Headband/HBM-TA4F * i WIRELESS VOLUME RX DC IN CHARGE Vs POWER 9 RX © MIC BOOST AIM-Mini LINE IN LINE OUT PWRMIC <§> ® <§> A N c H o R* (AN-MINIU1 Control Panel Shown) s AN-MINI TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Rated Power Output 30 Watts Inputs Max SPL@Rated Power 109 dB @ 1 meter Line line level, 3.5 mm Frequency Response 100Hz - 15KHz ±3dB Powered Mic Lo-Z phantom power, 3.5 mm jack Speaker Type 4.5” Neodymium woofer Mic Lo-Z, 1/4” phone Battery Type 10 'AA' alkaline Dimensions (HWD) 5.5 x 5.5 x 6.5” / 14 x 14 x 16.5 cm RC-30 - Recharge Kit (optional) Weight 2.5 pounds / 1.13 Kg Battery Type 10 'AA' size, NiMH 2.5 Ah Output Charger AC-30 Line line level, 3.5 mm AC-30 Input 120 VAC, 60Hz, 24 watt max c C RoHS V. VS| I COMPLIANT X AC-30/220 Input 220 VAC, 50Hz, 24 watt max Shipping Weight 2.1 pounds / 1.0 Kg ^ V Anchor Audio, Inc. Portable Sound Systems • Torrance, California (FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE) 888/444-6077 S-ANMINI/0708...

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