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Instruções de Operação Yamaha, Modelo NS-P280

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Fotos e especificações  Yamaha  NS-P280
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Facilidade de uso

Refer to “Installing the subwoofer” on page 2 for more information. Note •Placing the speakers too close to a CRT-type TV may impair the picture color or cause a buzzing noise. In this case, move the speakers at least 20 cm (8") away from the TV. This is not an issue with LCD and plasma TVs. Center Front right Subwoofer TV Surround left Front left Surround right 1 En Installing the speakers Installing the speakers Front speakers: Place the two front speakers on the left and right sides of the TV, at approximately the same height as the TV, facing directly forward. Surround speakers: Place the left and right surround speakers behind your listening position, facing slightly inward, about 1.8 meters (approx. 6 ft.) above the floor. You can place the front and surround speakers on tables or other supports, or mount them on the walls. For more information, see “Wall-mounting the speakers”. Center speaker: Place the center speaker centrally between the front speakers, facing directly forward. Installing the subwoofer Place the subwoofer on the outside of either the right or the left front speaker, as shown in A and B. Subwoofer Front speaker A B C Note: Standing waves may make it difficult to hear bass sounds here. Wall-mounting the speakers You can mount the speakers on the wall as follows. 1 Install screws into a solid wall or wall support as shown below. Use 3.5 to 4 mm (1/8") diameter self-tapping screws. 2 Hang each speaker by its keyhole slots onto the protruding screws. Note •Make sure the shaft of the screw is seated in the narrow part of the keyhole slot. Otherwise, the speaker may fall. 45 mm (1-3/4") Wall/wall support 6 mm (1/4") Minimum 20 mm (3/4") Warnings •Each speaker weighs 0.45 kg (1 lbs.). Do not mount the speakers on thin plywood or on a wall with a soft surface material. Otherwise, the screws may pull out of the surface and the speakers may fall, possibly damaging the speakers or causing personal injury. •Do not affix the speakers to a wall using nails, adhesives, or unstable hardware. Long-term use and vibration may cause the speakers to fall. •To avoid accidents resulting from tripping over loose speaker cables, affix the cables to the wall. •Mount the speakers in a wall location that will be unlikely to result in injury to an individual’s head. English The placement shown in C is also possible, however, if the subwoofer is placed directly facing a wall and your listening position is in the center of the room, you may not be able to obtain enough bass sound from the subwoofer. This is because “standing waves” are forming between the two parallel walls and cancelling out the bass sounds. In this case, position the subwoofer at an angle to the wall. It may be necessary to break up parallel wall surfaces by placing bookshelves, etc., along them. 2 En Connecting the speakers Connecting the speakers Connection diagram Surround speakers Right Left Center speaker DOCK DIGITAL INPUT COMPONENT VIDEO VIDEO AUD I OMULTI CH INPUT HDMI ANTENN...

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