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Instruções de Operação Sony, Modelo CDX-M670

Fabricante : Sony
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Fotos e especificações  Sony  CDX-M670
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Facilidade de uso

By setting the cut-off frequency (see the diagram below), the subwoofer(s) will output only low frequency signals so you can get a clearer sound image. Other adjustable items (CDX-M670, MDX-M690 only) The following items can be adjusted: • HPF (High pass filter) — to select the cut-off frequency to “off,” “78 Hz,” or “125 Hz.” • LPF (Low pass filter) — to select the cut-off frequency to “78 Hz,” “125 Hz,” or “off.” • Loud (Loudness) — to enjoy bass and treble even at low volumes. The bass and treble will be reinforced. Press (MENU). To set A.Scrl, press (MENU) during CD/MD playback. Press M or m repeatedly until the desired item appears. Press , to select the desired setting (Example: “on” or “off”). Press (enter). After the mode setting is completed, the display returns to normal play mode. Frequency (Hz) Note The displayed item will differ depending on the source. 1 Press (menu). Tip You can easily switch among categories by pressing M or m for 2 seconds. By pressing buttons Other Functions You can also control the unit (and optional CD/ MD units) with a optional rotary commander. RM-X5S (supplied with CDX-M770 only) RM-X4S (optional) The illustrations in this manual are of the RM-X5S. The explanations are the same for the RM-X4S. Using the rotary commander First, attach the appropriate label depending on how you want to mount the rotary commander. The rotary commander works by pressing buttons and/or rotating controls. Inserting the supplied lithium battery (RM-X5S only) 32 Tip For information or lithium battery, refer to “Notes on lithium battery" (page 36) Turn the dial to change the direction of infrared rays. (RM-X5 only) to adjust the volume. Press To (SOURCE) Change source (radio/CD/MD*1) (MODE) Change operation (radio band/DAB*1/CD unit/ MD*1 unit) (ATT) Attenuate sound COFD*2 Stop playback or radio reception (SOUND) Adjust the sound menu (DSPL) Change the display item*3 *1 Only if the corresponding optional equipment is connected. *2 If your car has no ACC (accessory) position on the ignition key switch, be sure to press (off) for 2 seconds to turn off the clock indication after turning off the ignition. *3 When using the RDS function, you can press ( dspl) to show “PTY" in the display. Then you can only use your master unit or card remote commander to receive the PTY data (Only European models). By rotating the control Rotate and release to: - Skip tracks. - Tune in stations automatically. Rotate, hold, and release to: - Fast-forward/reverse a track. - Find a station manually. By pushing in and rotating the control RM-X4S PRESET/DISC control Push in and rotate the control to: - Receive preset stations. - Change the disc*. * When an optional CD/MD unit is connected. Tip You need to push in and rotate the control each time you select a preset station and a disc. Changing the operative direction The operative direction of controls is factory-set as shown below. To increase To decrease If you need to mount the rotary commander on the right hand side of the steering column, you can reverse the operative direction. RM-X5S Set the Rev/Nor-select switch to “Rev.’ pushing the VOL control. Quickly attenuating the sound (With the rotary commander or the card remote commander) Press (att) on the rotary commander or card remote commander. “ATT on” appears in the display momentarily. To restore the previous volume level, press (ATT) again. Tip When the interface cable of a car telephone is connected to the ATT lead, the unit decreases the volume automatically when a telephone call comes in (Telephone ATT function). Selecting the spectrum analyzer The sound signal level is displayed on a spectrum analyzer. You can select a display for 5 patterns (A-1, A-2, B-1 to B-3), or the automatic display mode and “OFF” where all the patterns appear. 1 Press (source) to select a source (radio, CD, or MD). 2 Press (menu). 3 Press M or m repeatedly until “SA” appears. ej ; ww sLJ ■*i i LJ1 r+V CU_ SOI 7 4 Press < or , repeatedly to select the desired setting. 5 Press (enter). 33 Changing the sound and display settings — Menu The following items can be set: Set Up • Clock (page 10) • CT (Clock Time) (page 21) • Beep — to turn the beeps on or off. • Multi language (language selection) — to change the display language to English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Czech, or Turkish. • P.Out 4.0V/5.5V — to change the pre-out of the power amplifier to 4.0V or 5.5V. Selectable only when the unit is turned off. (CDX-M770 only) Display • D.Info (Dual Information) — to display the clock and the play mode at the same time (on). Functions only when SA is not set to B-1 - B-3. • SA (Spectrum Analyzer) (page 33) — to change the display pattern of the equalizer display. • M.Dspl (Motion Display) — to turn the Motion Display mode on or off. - Select “on” to show decoration patterns in the display and activa...

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