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Instruções de Operação Infantino, Modelo Comfort Rider

Fabricante : Infantino
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Fits Baby. Fits Life.® Unique Easy Buckling System. Makes it easier to take carrier on and off. Sistema único de la hebilla. Hace más fácil tomar el portador por intervalos. Wide Memory Foam straps. Correas anchas Memory Foam. 0 Removable bib helps protect clothing. Las ayudas despredi bles del babero protegen la ropa. Handy pocket for keys, wallet and more. Bolsillo práctico para las llaves, la carpeta y más. 1 Memory Foam 2 BreatheMesh™ Read all instructions BEFORE assembling and using the soft carrier. Keep instructions for further use. Le rogamos que lea cuidadosamente todos las instrucciones ANTES de armar y usar el portabebé. Favor de conserviar el manual del propietario para volver a usarlo en el futuro. Instruction Manual Manual de Instrucciones English A CAUTION! Small children can fall through a leg opening. Adjust leg openings to smallest possible size. Please follow Instructions for use. Only use this carrier for children between 8 lbs and 22 lbs (3.6kgs - 10 kgs) and at least 21” (53cm) long. A WARNING-SUFFOCATION & FALL HAZARD! Prior to use ensure that child Is secured In the harness system. Baby’s air flow should not be obstructed at any time. IMPORTANT! Check frequently to make sure that your baby's head and body are In an upright position In the carrier. Baby’s chin should not point down toward baby’s chest. Baby should only face out when he or she can support his or her own head and Is awake. Check to assure all buckles, snaps, straps and adjustments are secure before each use. This Comfort Rider® Is subject to normal wear and tear during use. Before each use, carefully Inspect the carrier for any signs of loose seams, tears or separation, or broken hardware. If any are found please discontinue use. Do not wear your Comfort Rider® while cooking or engaging In activities which might prove harmful to your baby. This Comfort Rider® Is only Intended for use by adults while walking or standing— never use this ComfortRlder® while running, biking, jogging, or operating any type of motorized vehicle. Do not bend at the waist when leaning down-always bend at the knees to make sure that baby stays securely In carrier. Your balance may be adversly affected by your movement and that of your child. If baby falls asleep, turn baby’s face to the side to provide an unobstructed source of air. Failure to comply may cause a potential suffocation hazard. Never leave baby unattended. Comfort Rider® Is not designed for holding child In motor vehicles and should not be used In place of a car seat that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards. There should always be room between baby’s face and your chest to provide a clear source of air. Subject to normal wear and tear during use. Carefully check to assure that the carrier seams and hardware are not broken. If any are found, please discontinue use. Putting on Your Comfort Rider® Please carefully read all the Instructions BEFORE assembling and using your Comfort Rider®. Please keep owner’s manual for future use. IMPORTANT! Always put carrier on your body before putting In baby. Unbuckle the shoulder straps and slip the carrier over your head. The carrier’s front opening should be against your chest. The padded round strap holder should be between the bottom of your shoulder blades. (Figure 1). Fasten the hardwa re at the end of you r shoulder strap to each side of the carrier. Pull each end of the strap until the carrier fits snuggly against your body. (Figure 2). 2 Adjusting Your Comfort Rider® Adjust the carrier until baby Is high on your chest. You should be able to easily kiss the top of your baby’s head. Gently lift baby with one hand and pull on the end of the strap at your waist. Repeat on the other side. (Figure 3). Make sure the padded round strap holder divider Is between the bottom of your shoulder blades. Putting Baby in Comfort Rider® Facing In Your child must face toward you until he or she can hold their head upright. Your new baby needs lots of close contact and attention! Comfort Rider’s® faclng-ln position Is the perfect way to keep your little one cuddled against you. The wrap-around head support cradles baby’s head and neck and even provides support when baby falls asleep! You can entertain and bond with your baby by talking, touching, playing, and making eye-contact - and still have your hands free! 1. Carrier sides open for easy baby-entry. Release one side of the head support. Unbuckle the side opening and detach hook and loop fasteners. Carefully slide baby Into the carrier through the opening and hold baby against you. Make sure that each of baby’s legs Is securely In Its own opening and baby’s arms are through the arm holes. (Figure 4). 2. Fasten hardware over the hook and loop side openings, and pull on the end of webbing strap to adjust fit. Leg openings must be adjusted to the smallest possible size. (Figure 5). 3. While supporting baby’s weight with one hand, attach the head support...

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