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Instruções de Operação Rosewill, Modelo RFHD-80BL

Fabricante : Rosewill
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Disconnect power at source. Do the same with related devices • Remove computer case side panel. Remove hard drive from chassis • Attach the Rosewill Hard Drive Cooler to hard drive with the four screws provided • Screw down vertically and tighten. Re-install hard disk to chassis • Connect power cable to a 4-pin PSU connector. Turn on computer 8cm fan Hard Drive Cooler RFHD-80BK/BL User Manual Features • Black / Blue hard drive cooler with 80mm fan • Extends the life of the hard drive • Directly fits onto 3.5'' hard drive • Air Flow : 23.66CFM • Noise Level : 21.47dBA RFHD-80BK/BL Bearing Type Sleeve for over 30000/hrs RPM 1800 RPM Air Flow 23.66CFM Noise Level 21.47dBA Thank you for purchasing a High-Quality Rosewill Product. Please register your product at : for complete warranty information and future support for your product. If you have any question while using our products, please visit our website : for latest driver & user manual or feel free to contact us at feedback@rosewill.com Support Email: techsupport@rosewill.com...

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