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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo PHD9940/01

Fabricante : Bosch
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. Risk of suffocation! Do not allow children to play with packaging material. . Warning! The styling nozzle and diffuser can become hot. Allow them to cool down before detaching. en Congratulations on purchasing this Bosch appliance. You have acquired a highquality product that will bring you a lot of enjoyment. Controls and accessories 1 Temperature toggle switch k – Setting 1 = low – Setting 2 = medium – Setting 3 = high 2 Fan toggle switch l – Setting 0 = off – Setting 1 = gentle – Setting 2 = strong 3 Lockable Cool button 3 4 Ionisation switch ion 5 Air inlet grill 6 Styling nozzle 7 Diffuser 8 Hanging eyelet 9 Cord clip Use The blow and temperature settings can be freely combined. General . Never cover the blower or air inlet. . Make sure the air inlet is free of lint and hair. . In the event of overheating, the appliance switches off the heat automatically, cools with the fan and switches the heat back on again after a short time. Important: Be sure to unplug the appliance and wait a few minutes until it has cooled down. It can then be used as before. . To pre-dry wet hair, select the higher setting 2. Hold the appliance about 10 cm away from your head. Ionisation This appliance is equipped with an ion generator. Ions are naturally present electrically charge particles, which are created in the appliance by an ion generator. This makes the hair softer and easier to comb. The static charge or "fly-away" tendencies in the hair are reduced (= anti-static-effect). The ion generator can be switched on in combination with any level by pressing the ion switch 4 – the switch lights up red. The ion generator can be switched off my pressing the switch again. Cool button 3 The Cool function is ideal for ‚setting‘ the hair after drying. It fixes the individual hair sections with the cool airflow. Press the Cool button 3 to activate the cooling function in any setting. Press the Cool button 3 again to switch off the cooling function. Diffuser The diffuser 7 is ideal for straight or damaged hair. It gives fine, long or medium- length hair more volume. Hold the tips of the diffuser upwards, tilt your head sideways and run the diffuser into your hair from below, lifting it up. The hair should rest gently between the individual fingers of the diffuser while drying. Use . Set the fan and temperature to a low setting. . To ‘set’ the volume and natural curls, press the Cool button 3. . Repeat the process with individual sections of hair. 1 110 00en Warning! The styling nozzle 6 and diffuser 7 can become hot. Allow them to cool down before detaching. Styling nozzle The styling nozzle 6 is specially designed for drying and styling sections of hair. Attach the styling nozzle 6 to the appliance. Make sure it clicks into place. The nozzle can be turned as required. Use . Set the fan and temperature to a higher setting. . Direct the air stream right onto the section of hair you want to style. . To fix the hair, switch on the Cool button 3 and repeat the process. Imp...

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