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Instruções de Operação Samsung, Modelo SPF-107H

Fabricante : Samsung
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Fotos e especificações  Samsung  SPF-107H
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Facilidade de uso

In this case, connect the power adapter. USB Cable Auxiliary power cable USB memory device connection Connect a USB storage device. SD memory card slot Insert the SD memory to view saved pictures. Do not apply excessive force or turn the stand in the wrong direction during setup. This can cause damage to the stand. 3 English 4 English Using the Digital Frame Pictures saved in the product's internal memory or an external memory device can be viewed in a wide range of options. Only an SD memory card or USB memory device can be used as an external memory device. A wide range of effects can be applied to pictures through the menu. Refer to the following page for menu options. Press [Q1]. Use [▲,▼,◄,►] to A slide show begins from move to the picture you the picture you selected. want and press [0]. Viewing pictures If you press any button, the button guide will appear at the right hand side of the screen. The available button indication may If you press the [MENU] button during a slide show, the , , differ depending on the situation. and menus will appear. • To use and , in the menu must be set as or . • Only the function is supported when using . o Using as a Mini Monitor Connect the digital frame to a PC with the USB cable to use as a Mini Monitor. Connect the digital frame to a PC with the USB cable to use as a Mini Monitor (aux. monitor). You must install Frame Manager on your PC in order to use the product as a Mini Monitor. Log on to to download Frame Manager and for instructions on using the product as a Mini Monitor. Only one auxiliary monitor can be used at a time. PC requirements for use as a Mini Monitor ► OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista(32bit) ► USB: Extended Host Controller(EHCT) USB 2.0 supported ► RAM: 256MB or higher ► CPU: 2.4GHz or higher Firmware update u......................................... Preparations for firmware update • Digital photo frame • Firmware file for update • USB memory or SD card Download and install the latest firmware from the Samsung Electronics homepage. Log on to and enter the model name in the search field. (SPF-87H or SPF-107H) ^2) Download and decompress the appropriate firmware. Copy the decompressed ***.isp file to the SD card or USB memory device and connect to the digital frame. ^4) Select - - < Upgrade Software> with the buttons on the back of the product. The firmware is updated. When the update is finished, turn the digital frame off, remove the external memory device (SD card/USB memory device), and turn the digital frame on again. You can check if the firmware version has been updated in - - - is displayed. The current time setting can be erased if the power adaptor is disconnected for a prolonged period of time. Please keep the power adapter connected. Connect the digital frame to a PC with the USB cable to use as a Mini Monitor. Slideshow Transition Sets the slide show effects • No Effect / Fade / Blinds / Cross Comb / Mosaic / Checkerboard / Dissolve / Wipe / Extend / Silk / Corner Transition / Wheel / Ellipse / Random Slideshow Speed Sets the slide show speed • Fast / Normal / Slow Images of large file sizes may not be displayed at the currently configured slideshow speed. Slideshow Mode • All Photos / Photos in folder / One photo Photos Slideshow Order Sets the slide show order • Normal / Shuffle View Mode Sets the slide show display mode • Photo Only / Photo & Clock / Photo & Calendar / Multiview 1 / Multiview 2 Aspect Ratio • Original Fit: A picture smaller than the screen is displayed in its original size and a picture bigger than the screen size is reduced in direct proportion to the screen size. • Auto Fit: Fits the picture in direct proportion to the screen size • Fit to Width: Fits the picture to the screen’s horizontal width Portrait Photo Mode Reduces a vertical picture to fit th...

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