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Instruções de Operação Samsung, Modelo SPF-71E

Fabricante : Samsung
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Arquivo Nome : Samsung-SPF-71E-SPF-71ES-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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Fotos e especificações  Samsung  SPF-71E
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To receive more complete service, please register your product at samsung. com/register Model _ Serial No._ Merci d’avoir acheté un produit Samsung. Pour obtenir un service complet, veuillez enregistrer votre produit à: samsung. com/register Modèle_ № de série_ English Components Please check all items are contained in your delivered package. User manual Warranty Card Power Code Power Adapter USB cable (Not available in all locations) Back Overview / Connections o [MENU] Menu button Enters or exits a menu. (Displays the menu) 0 Navigation buttons Moves around the items and adjusts a value. 0 [&] Enter button Selects a function you want to use. (Play/Stop during a slide show) 0 [*9] Back button Returns to the previous screen. (Hold down this button for two seconds to return to the Main screen.) 0 |XBf| Slideshow button Starts a slideshow. When playing a slideshow by pressing the [t®] button, the photos in the location of the last played photo are played. If the photos in the location of the last played photo have been removed, they are automatically searched for and then played in a slideshow. 2 0 Kensington lock 0 Power outlet Connects through power cable and uses. О [Ö] Power On/Off button 0 SD memory card slot Allows you to insert SD memory card. (SD Card only) © USB Downstream Connect your Digital Photo Frame to a USB supporting storage device. © USB Upstream You can Copy and Delete a Frame Memory Photo by connecting the USB cable to a PC. If no button is operated for ten minutes, the screensaver starts to protect the monitor. However, the screensaver does not start when in the slideshow mode. Using If you press the Menu button, the menu of the selected item is displayed on the screen. Photo When selecting a folder Open, Copy, Delete When selecting a thumbnail Start Slideshow, Copy, Copy All files, Delete, Delete All files, Set as Background If any file is copied to frame memory, the file size is reduced in order to meet the optimal resolution for the panel size. Please note that [EXIF(exchangeable image file format)] information is removed when the copy option is set as “Resized” in the [Settings]—»[Options]—»[Frame Memory Copy]. If you do not want the resized copy option, the settings can be changed as follows [Settings]—»[Options]—»[Frame Memory Copy]—»“Original Size”. «... es. Stop Slideshow, Slideshow Settings, Brightness, Rotate, Slide Show -7 A * o *1 ♦ e ♦ o 1 ^ Zoom, Aspect Ratio, Delete, Set as Background Only photos with a resolution of less than 8000 (width) * 8000 (height) pixels can be displayed on the screen. This product can only support up to 4,000 pictures. If there are more than 4,000 pictures, slideshow will not be played for the remaining pictures. Clock Date and Time, Time Format, Date Format, Clock Type Settings Options Language, Brightness, Auto Fit Portrait Photo, Frame Memory Copy Preference Starting Mode, Screen Saver, Home Background, Auto Picture On/Off Update/Reset Firmware Update, Reset Settings, Product Information Updating the firmware Preparations Digital Photo Frame, Firmware update file, SD card or USB memory stick Updating Please visit the Download Center (and download the firmware by searching the model name. Q Please download appropriate firmware and decompress it. ~ Please copy the decompress file (***.isp) to either an SD card or USB memory stick and connect to the Digital Photo Frame. Please select [Settings]—»[Update/Reset]—»[Firmware Update] for firmware update. _ When update is completed, please turn off, then turn on the Digital Photo Frame. The firmware version can be checked through [Settings]—»[Update/Reset]^ [Product Information]. Troubleshooting Symptoms Causes and Actions 1 have connected an external storage device but it is not recognized. Check the connection between product and external storage. Connect to PC and check the operation state. It takes time to display the next photo. When the resolution is high or the file size is large, it takes some time to display on the screen. Specifications Items Specifications Model Name SPF-71E SPF-71ES Panel Type 7 inch (17 cm) TFT (Analog) Resolution 480 x 234 Supported Formats JPEG (Progressive,CMYK JPEG is not supported.) Built-in Memory 120 MB 1 GB USB Host (USB 1.1)/Device (USB 2.0) Host (USB 2.0) / Device (USB 2.0) Power Rating External DC power adapter (12 V) Consumption Normal mode : 4.8 W Power off mode : under 1 W General Dimensions (WxHxD) 217.5 mm x 156.5 mm x 43 mm (8.56 inch x 6.16 inch x 1.69 inch) Weight 496.3 g (1.09 lbs) The product design may differ according to the model, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product performance enhancement. 3 English English Important Safety Instructions WARNING : RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). THERE ARE NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS IN...

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