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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo FR1860(00)

Fabricante : Bosch
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Place the pan (7) in the fr yer body, figure 2 3. Fit the lid (1) and the basket (4) on the fr yer, figure 3 4. Close the lid on the fr yer. Place the fr yer on a flat, stable surface, making sure that it is not touching any nearby heat sources. Press the lid-open button (9) to open the lid, figure 4 Take the basket out by pressing the basket release button (6), figure 5. Fill the pan with oil. The oil or fat level should always be kept somewhere between the minimum and maximum marks: MIN. (2 litres). M A X. (2.5 litres). Turn the temperature control to the OFF position and plug the appliance into the mains supply. The ON/OFF control light (12) will come on Select the correct temperature for the food to be fried, figure 6. The thermostat lamp (13) will go out as soon as the appliance has reached the selected temperature Note: The oil will heat up faster if the fr yer lid is left closed. Place the basket into the drain-off position, figure 7. Place the food to be fried inside the basket. Do not overfill the basket. Slowly lower the basket of food into the oil, figu re 8. Place the lid on when fr ying After fr ying, turn the thermostat control to the “0” position and unplug the fr yer from the wall socket. Place the basket into the drain-off position. Note: If various foodstuffs are to be fried, wait for the oil to reach the set temperature between fries. Always check the immersion level before each use. The ideal oil level is somewhere between the MIN and MA X limits marked on the side of the fr ying pan. RECOMMENDATIONS Ufesa recommends the use of oil instead of fat when using this appliance. Solid fat can also be used but special precautions should be taken to stop it from splashing when it is melting. Do the following when using solid fat for fr ying: 1. Before the first fr y, melt the fat for the fr yer in a separate saucepan on a low heat. 2. Pour the liquid fat into the fr yer’s pan. Avoid splashing it. 3. Check that the liquid fat covers the minimum level mark. Switch the fr yer on and carr y out the fr ying. When solid fat which has been used for fr ying has solidified in the fr yer, proceed in the following fashion: 1. Make some holes in the solidified fat with a sharp object. Be careful not to damage the heating element. 2. Select a low temperature so that the fat softens up slowly. 3. When the fat has liquefied the temperature can be brought up higher. Note: If your fr yer contains solidified fat, store it away at room temperature. REPLACING THE OIL The useful life for oil or fat depends on the number of uses and t ype of fr ying. Impurities end up at the bottom of the pan, the, located below the heating element. Because of this the particles do not become charred and the oil or fat can be used for longer. It is advisable to periodically filter the oil in order to remove these particles. Always store the fr yer with the lid fitted; to stop dust or other elements from spoiling the oil or fat.. Replace the oil when it becomes darker, has bad smell or gives the food a bad taste. Never add fresh oil or fat to that being used. Used oil or fat must never be poured down the toilet or sink. Dispose of it in a closed container and take it along to the appropriate refuse container. CLEANING & MAINTENANCE Wait until the oil or fat has cooled down before attempting to store the appliance. Remove the lid. Side handles are provided to help you carr y the fr yer. Before proceeding to clean the fr yer, make sure that it is completely cold and unplugged from the mains supply. Remove the lid, the basket, the pan and the detachable control module. Empty the oil or fat out of the pan. Cleaning the pan and the basket. It is advisable to wash the pan and basket in hot water and washing-up liquid each time the oil is changed. If you intend to wash the pan and the basket, first remove any lef tover oil or fat with the aid of a spatula and kitchen paper. Both the pan and the basket are dishwasher proof. Make sure that it is completely dr y before refilling it with oil, fat or sauce. Cleaning the body and the lid Clean the body in hot water and washing-up liquid. Clean the fr yer with a cloth. Clean the lid in hot water and washing-up liquid. Make sure that it is completely dr y before putting it back onto the fr yer. Both the casing and the lid are dishwasher proof. Cleaning the detachable control module Wipe it down with a damp cloth or kitchen paper. Do not let this part come into direct contact with water or any other liquid. Clean the detachable module on a dr y surface where there is no risk of it falling. After cleaning the appliance make sure that the detachable module locks back into the corresponding slots correctly. USEFUL TIPS • Foodstuffs should be completely dr y before immersing them into oil or fat. • To stop chips from sticking together wash them before fr ying them. • It is advisable to fr y foodstuffs that contain a lot of water, such as chips, in two stages: Heat the oil up to maximum temperature and pu...

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