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Veuillez lire toutes les instructions avant d'utiliser ce produit. OUTPUT AT 100 % OF ACTUAL SIZE c Job # / Name: 20286_LCD Monitor Jean Co File Name: 20286_s2_416907_LCD_man_cvr.ai Date: 07.10.09 Dieline#: 140mm x 216 mm Production Artists: MR Release Artist: xx Merchant: Greg Smith Vendor: Jean Co round 2 D FINAL Colors: ■ BLACK v Dieline Colors: ■ FPO Callout | FPO Dieline Office depot. 6600 North Military Trail Boca Raton, FL 33496 Private Brand Development Operation Instructions Th

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Position : To adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the video. H. Position : ▲ : move screen to the right, ▼: move screen to the left. V. Position : ▲ : move screen up, ▼: move screen down. Fine Tune : To adjust the delay time of data and clock. Press ▼ or ▲ to adjust to your preference. 5 English English |—I j Sharpness : To adjust the clarity of a non-Full HD (1920x1080) signal with ▼ or ▲ button. Video Mode Adjust : To select the video mode from Full Screen, Over Screen or A

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sucesivos usando o . If the decimal selector is set to “ F” Si le selecteur de decimale est sur la Si el selector decimal se coloca en “ F” , then the answer is always rounded position “ F” , le resultat est toujours la respuesta siempre se redondea por down ( ) . arrondi a la valeur inferieure ( ). defecto ( ). ELECTRONIC PRINTING CALCULATOR RATE RATE RATE GT • SET GRAND TOTAL / RATE GT • SET SELECTEUR DE MODE DE GT • SET SELECTOR DEL MODO DE CALCULATRICE IMPRIMANTE ELECTRONIQUE SETTING MODE SE

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The Ativa Checkbook Calculator™ has been carefully designed to help you keep track of your personal finances. Checking and savings account information can now easily be calculated, stored and updated at the touch of a button. The Ativa Checkbook Calculator™ can also be used to monitor your personal budget or expense records. With three independently constant memory paths, the Ativa Checkbook Calculator™ saves your account information even when the unit is in OFF mode. 1. First, pull out the plas

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No. ofYears Save $ Monthly installment will be financing $108,000 at 8% for 30 years. s your payment? Number of years What i FINANCIAL OFF $ $ $ $ SAVING LOAN ON Tax Set Margin Sell Cost Cost Cost Sell Sell Tax Tax Margin Margin Foreign Rate Set Currency Converter AT-10 Yr Int% L$ S/P$ D/M Yr F$ MXN RATE USD Interest Calculations Business Profit analysis (cost, sell & margin) 4. Replace the lithiumbattery (CR-2025), (See “Battery Replacement” below for Annual Yield % Month /Year Annual yield Com

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Shred no more than 6 sheets of paper at one time. SHREDDING THROAT .. KEEP THIS UNIT AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS! .. • DO NOT PLACE FINGERS TOO CLOSE TO THE SHREDDING THROAT SERIOUS INJURY MAY OCCUR. .. • AVOID GETTING TIES, JEWELRY, HAIR OR LOOSE CLOTHING NEAR THE SHREDDING THROAT SERIOUS INJURY MAY OCCUR. .. • DO NOT attempt to open this unit by yourself as doing so may expose you to sharp cutting blades and / or high voltage electrical shock which could cause serious injury and will void the

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The LCD will show AUTO. 3 061506_OD LCD Manual 6/15/06 4:57 PM Page 4 OVERHEAT Mode If the shredder overheats, the LCD will flash OVERHEAT. Both AUTO and REVERSE functions will stop. When the shredder overheats, user may press ON/OFF to place the shredder in stand by mode. The shredder will not resume normal functioning until the temperature of the motor cools down to a safe temperature and LCD shows AUTO. MAINTAINENCE After 500 shredding cycles, the LCD will flash MAINTAIN. This indicates that

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Two seconds after the characters are shown, the display clears and enters the standby mode. ON Mode When pressing the ON/OFF button for more that three seconds, the LCD shows AUTO and enters AUTO mode. In the AUTO shredding mode, the shredder stands ready to shred paper, If there is any paper stuck at the throat in the shredder, the shredder will automatically shred the paper. The shredder will stop after the paper is completely shredded. OFF Mode When pressing the ON/OFF button for more that th