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0 Open the fill-in door. 1 Caution! The laundry and the drum may be hot. 0 Take out or put in some laundry. 0 Close the fill-in door. 0 Press the X START button to resume the drying process. End of the drying process The cooling phase starts shortly before the end of the drying process: The heater is switched-off during this phase. Actual drying also terminates with the cooling phase. The Z EMPTY WATER display will light up to indicate the end of the cooling phase. After the cooling phase you ca

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It is calculated automatically on the basis of the maximum load accepted for each type of fabric and of the required degree of drying. When the programme starts, the remaining time is displayed every 5 minutes. Delayed start If you have selected a delay time by means of the relevant button, the display shows it for 2 seconds;then it shows the duration of the previously selected programme. The countdown is displayed every 30 minutes until it displays “90 minutes” and then hour by hour. End of p

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COOLING -this light indicates that the appliance is in the cooling phase. At the end of drying, there is a 10 minute cooling phase to cool the laundry. If light DRYING or COOLING is flashing, this means that the Start button needs to be pressed again for the programme to resume. END -this light flashes at the end of the cooling phase and during the anti-creasing phase. ANTI-CREASING PHASE -this light flashes alternately with the light END at the of the drying phase (after cooling) and during the

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. . . . . . . . ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Important Safety Information 1Important Safety Information The safety of AEG electrical appliances complies with the established technical principles and statutory equipment safety regulations. Nevertheless, as manufacturer we have to draw your attention to the following safety instructions. General s

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• Cotton jersey and hosiery have a tendency to shrink! Do not dry these fabrics excessively. • New coloured textiles To avoid the possibility of dye transference do not dry new coloured textiles together with light-coloured laundry. Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the filter area 1 Important! A small amount of fluff may reach the area around the filter in spite of the fluff filter. Therefore you should clean the entire filter area from time to time, or at least every t

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The most important features of your appliance • Select the correct drying programme! Select the drying programme suited to the type and quantity of laundry, so that your dryer will work more economically. Some consumption values: Type of laundry Desired degree of dryness Load in kg Duration in minutes Energy consumption in kWh Cotton1 Store dry 5 93 3.5 Cotton1 Iron dry 5 74 2.7 Mixed fabrics2 Store dry 2.0 48 0.9 1) previously spun at 800 rpm 2) previously spun at 650 rpm. • HALF HEAT button: c

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Before using the appliance for the first time 0 Wipe out the drum using a damp cloth or else insert damp cloths and carry out a short drying procedure (20 mins.). Brief instructions Brief instructions • Ensure the laundry is well spun before tumble drying. • Prepare the laundry. • Open the door and insert washing. • Shut the door. Attention! Do not catch washing in the door. • Select the drying program – on the program selector. – If required press the button SPECIAL CARE (LAGE TEMPERATUUR). • S

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When the appliance is on, some indications come in to the view on the display. The function push button symbols list On/Off Dry Plus Reverse Plus Anticrease Buzzer Time Drying Delay Start Start/Pause AUTO STAND-BY FUNCTION To decrease the energy consumption, the automatic stand-by function deactivates the appliance: • if the Start/Pause button was not pushed in the time of 5 minutes. • after 5 minutes from the programme end. Use the programme dial to set the programme. The possible time to compl

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You can use this function to activate or deactivate the sound. THE ANTICREASE FUNCTION Extends anticrease phase (30 minutes) at the end of the drying cycle to 90 minutes. This function prevents laundry from creases. Laundry can be removed during the anticrease phase. THE DELAY START FUNCTION Let to delay the start of a drying programme from minimum of 30 minutes to maximum of 20 hours. 1. Set the drying programme and functions. 2. Push the Delay start button again and again until the necessary t

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If the condensate tank is full, an active programme will break off automatically and the EMPTY WATER (RESERVOIR) display will light up. In order to continue the programme, the condensate tank must first be emptied. 1 Warning! The condensate is not suitable for drinking or for preparing foodstuffs. 1.Take out drawer containing condensed water container completely (1) and pull up the condensed water container’s drainage pipe as far as it will go (2). 2.Pour condensed water out into a basin or simi