ADI Systems TPC-1261H

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1. Connect the IDE cable to the adapter board. Figure D.1: Adapter Board and IDE Cable Figure D.2: Connecting the Adapter Board TPC-1261H User Manual 66 Note Pin 1 is marked red 2. Insert the adapter board into the CompactFlash slot. Figure D.3: CompactFlash Slot Figure D.4: Insert the Adapter Board into the CF slot Figure D.5: Inserted Adapter Board 67 Appendix D Connect the CD-ROM to the adapter board via the IDE cable and then connect the external power line to the CD-ROM. Figure D.6: Connect

ADI Systems AT-201

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A word “DUAL’ will appear on the display to indicate the dual-watch operation. c) Press the */ENT button “DUAL’ will disappear and the dual-watch will be cancelled. 29 a) i U C ~l ~i I I-I. LI LI 1 Lm_______I I light b) ^ DUAL ["“ (|^uncA+(^- ^ 'S.00 4 " ^¡im | |mg /C ~i ~i | |M( , u c i> n | ^_'z'-u_L:J lLl i-i-'LyJ displayed for displayed for app. 3 second app. 0.5 second NOTE: If no frequency has been stored in memory address number M1, the dual-watch operation is unavailable.