AMF Washing And Drying System

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Headers are equipped with stainless steel, high pressure spray nozzles. Fast and efficient tank cleaning via internal flushing headers and clean-out doors. Specially designed stainless steel chain with pusher tabs for total container separation. Variable frequency drive on all chain conveyor motors with electronic over torque detection. All machines are totally wired to a centralized control panel equipped with a PLC and all necessary selector switches and control lights. An audible alarm sys

AMF VersaPak Series HV

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(tool plus product) AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES Headquarters: 2115 West Laburnum Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23227 Tel: 1-800-225-3771 or 804-355-7961 Fax: 1-804-342-9724 sales@amfautomation.com Europe Office: i West Park Ring Road Leeds LS16 6QQ England Tel: 44-1132-787110 Fax: 44-1132-741415 FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGER OR 1-800-225-3771 AMF’s focus on continuous improvement may result in changes to machinery specifications without notice. 10/2006

AMF Ultra S

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New hand twisting table (optional) with magnetic pan indexer (H.T.D. belt type). Cantilever frame design. Motorized pressure board belt with a pneumatically operated lifting device for sanitation purposes. ULTRA ‘’ S’’ CROSS GRAIN Sheeter belt scraper with stainless steel catch pan. Easily removable endless transfer belt 18'' wide. Delrin transfer plate and stainless steel adjustable plow. D.C. removable stainless steel rotary flour sifters. Easily removable make-up belt 20'' wide. Two-position


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AMF recommends that dough conveyors be used where possible for optimum dough pump performance. SPECIFICATIONS OPTIONS PLC other than Allen Bradley Micrologix • Inverter other than standards • PLC upgrade for conveyor control from pump • Remote cleaning starter box with 50’ (15 m) of cable • Quick disconnect power plug assembly • Pump mounted operator control box option • CE electrical package • Stainless steel remote electrical panel in lieu of • painted steel Model Rated Capacity* Length** Widt

AMF Tortilla Divider And rounder System

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TORTILLA DIVIDER AND ROUNDER SYSTEM • Extrusion Technology Reduces Maintenance and Improves Performance • Higher Speeds Allow Full Utilization of Multiple Press or Sheeting Units Features & Benefits Low Maintenance Rotary Divider Design Divide and Round without Divider Oil or Dusting Flour • Extrusion divider system features rotary-designed • Extrusion design of our Tortilla Divider and Rounder mechanisms for continuous, smooth operation system requires no divider oil • Eliminates stop-and-go st

AMF TILT Bowl Mixer (TBM)

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Heavy Duty Horizontal Tilt Bowl Dough Mixer Designed for Mixing Breads, Rolls, Buns, Flour Tortillas, Croissants, Bagels, Pizza, Specialty Doughs and English Muffins FEATURES AND BENEFITS Most robust frame and bowl design in the industry Easy access design and 6" (152 mm) floor clearance facilitate cleaning and maintenance New bowl design for maximum glycol cooling efficiency and optimal dough temperature control Heavy duty stainless steel triple roller agitator and shafts Long lasting san


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We back this with a 25-year warranty. SimplicityOnly 4 of the original 9 cams remain. Most of the linkages and adjustment points related to these cams have been removed as well, resulting in greatly improved access for maintenance or changeovers. The Bottom Bed is now very similar to our Side Sealer System, as there are no driven partsAutomatic Set-up and MonitoringServos, AC drives, Electric Solenoids and Pneumatics now control most machine functions through a PLC. These features dramatically s

AMF Super Cross Grain Sheeter

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• Slanted infeed conveyor with Teflon® coated dough guides. • Adjustable flattener roll. • Removable D.C. variable speed stainless steel flour sifter with automatic cut-off. (optional A.C.) Shown with optional new larger dough spacer. FLOUR SIFTER 28" 30-1/2" MOULDER PANNER MAKE-UP BELT HAND TWIST TABLE HAND TWIST TABLETRANSFER BELT 2" CLEARANCE PANNER SHEETER NEW LARGER DOUGH SPACER 7'-2" 8'-7" 22-3/4" 24-1/4" 6-1/4" • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION • EQUIPMENT MEETS OSHA REQUIREMENTS • WORKING R


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(optional depending on dough) • Robotic Centering System • Stressless Extending System • Unique Indexing Flap System to Transfer Long Strings and keep them broom stick straight • Loaf Splitter for two, three or four loaves • Club Roll Cutting System that cuts strings into rolls and recycles cut offs up to 10 cuts. (depend upon dough and length) • Multiple discharge options: -Peel and Panning -Direct Freezer Infeed • AMF Stringline for the production of 3,375 of 19 oz. strings of dough up to 26”

AMF Straight Line Sheeter Moulder Panner

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to 36 oz. and 6’’ to 18’’ dough piece length • All stainless steel construction • Equipment meets OSHA requirements • Working range: 6 oz. to 36 oz., 6 in. to 18 in. length STRAIGHT LINE SHEETER/MOULDER/PANNER STRAIGHT LINESHEETER/MOULDER/PANNER• For frozen dough and specialty breads • 6 oz. to 36 oz. and 6’’ to 18’’ dough piece length • All stainless steel construction • Equipment meets OSHA requirements • Working range: 6 oz. to 36 oz., 6 in. to 18 in. length STRAIGHT LINE SHEETER/MOULDER/PANN