Ampro Corporation LITTLE BOARD P5X

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Ampro Corporation LITTLE BOARD 5001451A

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The Little Board P6d IrDA interface supports both SIR (Serial Infrared) and FIR (Fast Infrared) standards . The SIR standard allows serial communication at baud rates up to 115K Baud. The FIR standard allows data rates up to 4Mbps. Requirements for an IrDA Interface On the Little Board P6d module, the IrDA physical link hardware consists of an IR transmit encoder and IR receiver decoder. To implement an IrDA port, the OEM must supply an IR transducer, which consists of the output driver and IR e

Ampro Corporation DLP 5200

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Warranty Period For the first twelve (12) months after date of installation, but limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) months from date of shipment from the factory, AmPro Corporation will repair or replace any defective part, exclusive of lamp warranty of ninety (90) days against failure to start and a maximum fifty (50) hours of operation, without charge of labor or parts. Replacement parts will be covered by this limited warranty for the remainder of the warranty period. This Limited Warranty

Ampro Corporation COREMODULE PCI-104

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DISCLAIMER Ampro Computers, Incorporated makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this manual or of the associated Ampro products, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Ampro shall under no circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential damages or related expenses resulting from the use of this product, even if it has been notified of the possibility of such damages. Ampro reserves the ri

Ampro Corporation COM 830

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DVMT = Dynamic Video Memory Technology Reference Manual COM 830 Chapter 4 BIOS Setup Description DVMT/FIXED Memory 64MB 128MB Maximum DVMT Amount of DRAM the DVMT graphics driver can or will allocate (depends on DVMT mode selected). Boot Display Device Auto CRT only SDVO only CRT + SDVO LFP only CRT + LFP Select the display device(s) used for boot up. LFP = Local Flat Panel (LVDS) Note: Auto feature only works with a DDC compatible CRT monitor. Boot Display Preference LFP SDVO-B SDVO-C LFP SDVO-