Dolphin Peripherals DX5B

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(3 m.) Fig C Fig Fig C 22 3 B C FigFig C 1 1 4 A D B 1 2 3 4 A Fig Minimum 10 ft. (3 m.) Fig C Fig Fig C 22 3 B C FigFig C 1 1 4 A D B 1 2 3 4 Read carefully before using your DOLPHIN dx 5 Battery Robot Pool Cleaner 1) Safety 1.1Charger positioning: The Caddy and Charger [1 page-10] should be positioned at a minimum distance of 10 Ft. (3 m.) from the edge of the pool. Caution:The Charger should be placed in the shade. 1.2) Electrical requirements: Factory-wired for either 100V, 115V or 230V main

Dolphin Peripherals 9500

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