Emotiva LPA-1

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All the safety and operation instructions should be read before any operation of the component(s) begin. After successful installation and configuration of the Emotiva LPA-1 Amplifier, be sure to retain this manual in a safe place for any future reference needs. All warnings on the Emotiva LPA-1 Amplifier and in these operating instructions should be followed. Safety is a key component to a long lasting and trouble free installation. The vast majority of the subsequent safety precautions involve

Emotiva ERC-2

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Emotiva ERC-1

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Emotiva products are engineered and produced with the highest quality materials and incorporate the latest technology. We think you will find the Emotiva ERC-1 meets or exceeds your expectations. The ERC-1 is a high quality audiophile grade CD player. It has been designed for maximum performance, ease of use and installation flexibility. The ERC-1 reproduces music the way it was created; dynamic, crystal clear, open and engaging. The subtle pull of a bow, the thrashing of a power chord, the gent