Humax VACI-5300

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Use the buttons to toggle transparent, opaque, 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%. Info. Box Display Time Set the display duration of Information box displayed on the screen after changing services. The time ranges from 0 to 20 seconds. Menu Background Set the type of background for the menu to be displayed on. Changing to Reserved Service When the reserved time has come during the view of services: • Manual Mode This mode shows the message “A reserved event has started on another service. Press OK to view t

Humax VA-FOX T

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8. As the result screen of Find programme by Name, select your desired programme from the Results of Finding Programme screen and press the OK button to watch the programme immediately or reserve the programme. Note: If you press Previous or Next button on the Keyboard displayed on the screen, the keyboard layout is switched. Note: The results of the finding programme may differ depending on the provided programme information. GB 32 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** 6.3 Viewing Reserved Progra

Humax VA-FOX

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2. Connect DiSEqC 1.2 Please refer to page GB39. The Locking Time might take longer than expected during the initial boot if the motorised system is set .enable. mode. 3. Connect a Satellite antenna To the digital receiver, you can connect either a single satellite antenna directly or through converter box several antennas or LNB of multi-feed equipment. You can connect a further Sat-receiver(for example analogue), with the receiver of common antenna equipment that has satellite signals. 4. Loop

Humax VA-ACE

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1. Press the buttons to display the satellite list box. 2. Select the wanted Satellite Name. 3. If the desired Satellite Name is not listed then select User Defined. 4. The keyboard will appear and you can type the Satellite Name directly. The selected Satellite Name can help you select the Antenna Alternative in the searching menu, but it is possible to change or select the Satellite Name only in the Antenna Setting menu. Note: In case the selected satellite is used as OTA target satellite, aut

Humax VA-5200

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4. Installation The Installation mode allows you to have the information of setting services and newly set services(language, time, organise, search,..) Furthermore, you can recognize the states of hardware and software versions and signals from your STB. 5. Utility This menu provides Calendar and Biorhythm. E15 1. Select Service To select the desired in the service list, you should firstly display the service list using OK button. Use select a service and press OK button. Also use select a serv

Humax TU-DB1SU

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Each key represents several letters and pressing a key several times will enter each letter (in both capitals and lower case), and the number, in turn, in the character position marked by the cursor. The zero key enters all the punctuation marks available and a blank space. With practise, this is a very quick means of entering the required letters into the channel name. EDIT NUMBER In "Edit PR List” reordering can be done by moving the channels to new positions. In order to do that "Edit Numbe

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$ / . . . . . . . . . ! " . ! . . . # 5# $ . $ 1 # #5 #$ <. 5 *" * 5 . $1$ 91A 5 . $ 5 . 1 $ 5 . " $ ; . # :A0" # . :: ) . 0>-6A" # . -." . !1 1 5 " 1 0. >-6A" A$ -;.5 . 5 $ !" . -.. <$$ 7 1 A . 91 5 1 . #5 " # )$ 5 . -." <" 1 . # . #$%" &&&& . . ! " . " . 2 $ ; . # $15 1:A0. < # 1 " . $$ # $$ 7 . A


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If it is correct, the Parental Settings Menu including following items is displayed: There you can set/reset locking for the Main Menu, or the Installation Menu to restrict access. If the menu lock is disabled, there will be free access to the menu system. You can change the lock key. Maturity Lock: use [UP] or [DOWN] buttons to go to Maturity Lock option. Use [LEFT] or [RIGHT] buttons to toggle Maturity Lock Mode. When set, this option gets the maturity information from the broadcast and if thi

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You can also display the service list using the MENU-Select Service-Simple ( or Advanced) . 2. Press the COLOUR button to display the corresponding service list. RED (All service list) , GREEN (Favourite service list) , YELLOW (Network service list) , BLUE (Satellite service list) , WHITE (Alphabet service list) 3. Select a service using the , CH-/CH+ or NUMERIC buttons, and press the OK button to change to the selected service. Note: • Whenever you press the TV/RADIO button while the service li

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You have the nicest weather with a spectacular ocean view. Now, only thing you need sitting by your cocktail is HUMAX SATBox. It is a fully-integrated portable satellite TV system in an easy-to-carry, briefcase-like design that includes a 17-inch LCD monitor with an integrated HUMAX Receiver, flat antenna and replaceable and rechargeable laptop-style battery. Features & Functions o Integrated 17-inch LCD monitor and satellite receiver o Compact and portable flat antenna o Embedded Irdeto CAS o