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Instruções de Operação Harmar Mobility, Modelo AL055

Fabricante : Harmar Mobility
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This manual is written to be used both as an installation guide as well as an operation guide for the end user. Please read the manual thoroughly BEFORE attempting any installation, adjustment or use of the lift. Both installers and operators should familiarize themselves with this entire manual. The manual will be divided into the following sections for easy reference; Section 1 - Unpacking the Lift Section 2 - Vehicle Preparation Section 3 - Wiring the Vehicle Section 4 - AL200 Installation & Operation Section 5 - AL400 Installation & Operation Section 6 -AL055 Installation & Operation Section 7 - Safety & Maintenance If you have any questions or comments concerning the installation or operation of your scooter lift, please contact your local distributor for additional technical information. Only authorized dealers should install this lift. Caution: Some scooters and power chairs may be unsuitable for transport in or on a motor vehicle. Please contact the manufacturer of your mobility device to determine its transportability. 1 Section 1 - Unpacking the Lift Your Fully Powered Inside Lift was factory pre-assembled to require little assembly before installation. AL200 / AL400 Box contents should include: Package Check List Hardware Package Lifting Arm (# 1) Contents include: Standard Post (# 2) Vehicle Wiring Harness (# 7) Base (# 3) Hand Control (#8) Strap & Hook Assembly (# 4,5,6) 3 - Installation Washers Leg Extensions (#9) Required Fasteners Black zip ties Figure 1.1 AL200 Universal Inside Lift Figure 1.2 AL400 Fully Powered Lift 1 2 9 4,5,6 8 3 #1 #2 #4,5,6 #3 #7 #8 Figure 1.3 AL055 Economy Lift Package Check List Hardware Package Lifting Arm (# 1) Contents include: Post (# 2) Vehicle Wiring Harness (# 7) Base (# 3) Switch Harness (#8) Strap & Hook Assembly 3 - Installation Washers (# 4,5,6) Required Fasteners Black zip ties Be sure and check the contents of the box against the package check list to be sure that all parts are included with the lift that are required for proper installation. If any parts are missing or if any damage is noted, immediately contact the distributor from which you purchased your lift. DO NOT attempt to install or use the lift with any missing or damaged parts. 2 Section 2 - Vehicle Preparation The Inside Lift has been designed with the shortest height and smallest footprint requirements to allow maximum room for the loading and unloading of your scooter or power chair. If there is 30” of headroom and room for the scooter or chair in the vehicle, then our lift should be able to be installed and operate properly. (The AL055 requires 37” of headroom unless the post is cut for smaller openings) • To obtain the ideal mounting location and avoid possible interference, the lift should be pre-assembled and “trial fit” in the desired installation location. This procedure may require two people, one person to hold the lift in the desired position and another to move the Lifting Arm through its full range of motion. Please refer to Figure #1.1—1.3 for the parts identification and exploded view of the lift. The Inside Lifts have been engineered so that it can easily be configured as a solution for most applications. This “trial fit” will also help you determine where the Vehicle Wiring Harness will be run. Hint: It is always best to check with the customer when determining lift placement and ask permission before drilling through the vehicle’s floor. • Typical Applications Car Trunk—AL200 and AL055 only Rear Cargo Area—for most vans and SUV’s. Side Door—for use on either side door of a van. Tailgate applications for SUV’s, Station Wagons and Trucks using the offset arm conversion option. (Except AL055) NOTE: The base should be mounted as far to the rear corner of the vehicle as possible in most rear mount applications. This allows for the maximum reach of the lifting arm. There are some vehicles that, due to their setup, will not accommodate a standard lift installation. Please check for the following: • Vehicle must have 30” clear headroom for operation. Be sure and check during “trial fit” that a full range of motion can be achieved without any roof or lift gate interference. (37” headroom required for AL055) • Spare tire storage—Some vehicles store the spare tire under the floor of the vehicle. Make sure that the base can be bolted through to a steel floor or frame. • Some vehicles have been manufactured with a “false floor” which is made of composite materials. The lift must be anchored to a steel floor or frame. • Trunk applications must be secured to a flat trunk floor. (AL200 and AL055 only) Make sure that there are not deep wells in the trunk that will affect placement of the base. Most of these can be overcome. • Offset Arm Applications (Except AL055) -The offset arm allows the lifting arm to reach around to the side of the vehicle. This allows the loading and unloading of the scooter or power chair when there is a tailgate to contend with or when the base location does not al...

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