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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo TCA 52..

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Do not use coffee beans that have been glazed, caramelized or treated with other additives containing sugar, since they will block the grinding unit. TCA52 7/2009 12 en This appliance can be adjusted for use with different water hardness values (see “Setting the water hardness”). Switching on the appliance • Place the appliance on a flat, water-resistant surface. • Pull enough of the power cord out of the storage compartment and plug it into the electrical socket. • Remove and rinse the water tank 11 and fill it with fresh cold water. Do not fill above the “max” mark. • Replace the water tank 11 and push it firmly down into place. • Fill the bean container with coffee beans. • Make sure that the hot water/steam dial 6 is at “ O ”. • Set the power switch 1 to I. Filling the system When switched on for the first time, the water pipes in the appliance must be filled. • Place a cup under the nozzle 8. • Turn the dial 6 to /VH. Water runs into the cup. As soon as J lights up, turn the dial 6 back to “O”. • The LED eco will now flash red. The appliance rinses and heats up. The appliance is ready for use when the LED eco lights green. This appliance also offers an “eco” mode which uses less power. Coffee or steam can be dispensed in the usual way when the appliance is in “eco” mode. When the required button is pressed, the appliance first heats up, so it will take a little longer until the coffee is brewed or the machine is ready to provide steam. To dispense hot water, first press the eco button. The appliance heats up briefly. Now the hot water can be dispensed as usual. H The appliance's factory settings are programmed for optimal performance. Controls 1 Power switch The power switch 1 on the rear of the appliance switches the power supply on and off. When the power on/off switch has been turned on, the appliance heats up, rinses and is then ready for use. The appliance does not rinse if it is still warm when switched on. Warning Do not turn off the power switch while the appliance is operating. Before switching off, press the eco button to start the automatic rinse cycle. Then switch off at the power on/off switch. 2 eco button The appliance can be put into “eco” mode or returned to normal mode with the eco button. In “eco” mode the appliance consumes less energy. In “eco” mode the eco button pulses green. The temperature of the cup shelf (warming function) is lower. Switching to “eco” mode starts an automatic rinse cycle. The appliance does not rinse if: - no coffee was dispensed before it was switched to “eco” mode. - steam was dispensed shortly before it was switched off. Note: The appliance is programmed so that it switches to “eco” mode automatically after about 10 minutes. 3 Coffee dispensing button 5 (mild coffee) This button is used to dispense mild coffee. When the button is pressed, the coffee is ground, brewed and dispensed into the cup. Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH en 13 I 4 Coffee dispensing button K Degree Water hardness (strong coffee) German (°dH) French (°fH) This button is used to dispense strong 1 1-7 1-13 coffee. 2 8-15 14-27 When the button is pressed, the coffee is 3 16-23 28-42 ground, brewed and dispensed into the cup. 4 24-30 43-54 5 Steam generation button H The steam button H generates steam for foaming or warming. 6 Steam dispensing dial Hot water or steam can be dispensed by turning the dial to //. or H. To dispense steam, the steam generation button H must be pressed first (see “Steam for foaming milk”). 7 LED display The various LEDs indicate the following: H on The water tank is empty and needs to be filled Trays full: Empty and replace them Trays missing: Reinsert them Run the service programme (see “Service programme”) Service programme in operation Turn dial to /VH Turn dial to “O” on S flashing J flashing J on Settings and displays Setting the water hardness It is important that the water hardness be set correctly, so that the appliance indicates accurately when the descaling programme should be run. The factory setting is a water hardness of 4. You can check the water hardness by asking your local water supplier. • Switch the appliance to “eco” mode. • Hold down the steam button H for at least 5 seconds. The number of LEDs 7a H, b 1, c S, d J that light up indicates the selected water hardness. • Press the steam button H repeatedly until the correct number of LEDs is lit; e.g. for a hardness of 3, the LEDs 7a, b and c (H, 1, S) light up. • Press the button eco once. The selected number of LEDs should light up briefly; this indicates that the desired setting has been saved successfully. If a water filter (optional extra Order No. 461732) is used, the water hardness should be set to 1. Note: If no button is pressed within 90 seconds, the appliance switches to “eco” mode without saving the new settings. In this case, the previous water hardness setting is retained. The appliance must be rinsed when a ...

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