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Instruções de Operação Candy, Modelo BMC 60 X

Fabricante : Candy
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3. GENERAL Please read carefully and thoroughly this instruction book before installing and operating your new coffee machine in order to get the best results. Warning To obtain good results the filtering unit has to be very hot, therefore please use the machine with extreme care to avoid accidental scalding. • This appliance must only be used by adults and placed out of reach of children. • The external parts of this appliance become very hot while it is on and remain hot after the appliance is switched off for a short period. • Before cleaning, make sure that the appliance is disconnected from the electricity supply. • In the event that coffee machine is not functioning correctly and the information contained within the instruction book does not cover this, please contact the service department in order to arrange for an authorised engineer. • Repairs must only be completed by an experienced engineer. Packaging materials used are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Please discard of all packaging material with due regard for the environment 4. INSTALLATION Electric connections • Check the details given on the rating plate situated on the coffee machine making sure that the rated mains voltage and power available are suitable for its operation. • Before making the electric connections, check the efficiency of the earthing system. Earthing of the coffee machine is compulsory by law. The manufacturer will accept no liability for any personal injury or damage to property deriving from failure to comply with this requirement. • For models without a plug, fit a standard plug capable of withstanding the specified load on the power cord. The cord’s earthing conductor is colored yellow and green. The plug must be accessible. • For models without a plug, fit a standard plug capable of withstanding the specified load on the power cord. The cord’s earthing conductor is colored yellow and green. The plug must be accessible. • If you prefer to make a fixed connection to the mains, insert an all-pole circuit breaker with a breaking gap of at least 3 mm between the cook top and the mains. Casella di testo: TECHNICAL DATA : Power supply :………….……230 V/ 50Hz; Coffee pump pressure: 15 bar Steam pump pressure : 2.5 bar Coffee boiler power: 800 W Steam boiler power: 800 W Total power: 1665 W Water tank capacity: 2 l • To connect the coffee machine power cord, loosen and remove the cover on the terminal block in order to access the contacts inside. Make the connection, blocking the cord in place with the cable clamp provided and then close the terminal block cover again immediately. • If you have to change the cord, the length of the conductors between the cord anchorage and the terminals, shall be such that the current-carrying conductors become taught before the earthing conductor if the cord slip out of the cord anchorage. Fixing the Coffee machine to the unit (fig. C,D – pag.3) • Mark on the piece of furniture the measure for the positioning of the blocking supports. • Fix to the piece of furniture the blocking supports, paying attention to place the nut cages [1] as shown in the picture C. • Place the coffee machine on the piece of kitchen furniture so to be installed • The holes of the blocking screws are: Inside the area of the water reservoir, on the right as shown.(fig.D). • Fix the coffee machine with the screws and the allen key given. (Fig A8). 5. INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIRST USE Filling the water reservoir (fig. E –pag.3) • Push the reservoir door (Fig A18), which will open on the right hand side • Remove reservoir from cabinet (Fig A19) • Fill up reservoir with fresh water and place back in the cabinet, shut door (Fig A18) • Ensure that the filter (Fig A10) has been placed in cold water for a few minutes prior to first use. If the coffee machine has not been used for long periods of time, change the water in the reservoir. Starting the Coffee Machine • Switch the coffee machine on by pressing the Main switch 0/I (Fig A16) • The green light [B1] will illuminate. At the same time the coffee boiler green light [B2] will flash indicating the coffee boiler is heating up. • Please note that the red light [B5] will turn on when the water reservoir is empty • The machine is ready for use when this green light [B2] stops flashing and remains on. 6. COFFEE DISPENSING The coffee dispensing can be activated in “MANUAL” or “PROGRAMMED” setting by using the Push-button [B6] as follows: .. “MANUAL” coffee dispensing setting: If the button [B6] is held down (for less than one second), the machine will dispense coffee. Press the button [B6] again to stop dispensing. .. “PROGRAMMED” coffee dispensing setting. This allows you to memorise a duration for coffee dispensing which could be call back in every moment: .. programming duration for coffee dispensing: hold on the push button [B6] for more that 5 seconds. Keeping the button [B6] pressed the appliance will memorise the time for coffee dispensing for as long as the button is ...

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