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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo THD2021/01

Fabricante : Bosch
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O The O icon lights up when the water tank needs to be reilled or is missing. Remove the water tank, ill it with fresh, cold water and return it to its correct position. The P icon lights up when the child lock is activated. At this point the water heater is deactivated, but you can still draw room-temperature water. To learn more about this setting, read the section titled “Child lock”. Using the appliance General With this appliance, you can ilter water and dispense it at room temperature or heated to speciic temperatures. If you have questions regarding the ilter cartridge, contact the BRITA Consumer Service at 0844 742 4800 (toll-free). Setting up the appliance Before you use the appliance for the irst time, do the following: > Remove ilm. > Unroll or push in the right amount of cable from the cable compartment and plug the cable into a power outlet. > Remove the water tank and clean it thoroughly under running water. > Insert the ilter cartridge as described in the section titled “BRITA MAXTRA water ilter system”. > Fill the water tank up to the max mark with fresh, cold water. Use only noncarbonated drinking water. > Replace the water tank and push it irmly downward into place. THD20.. 07/2011 Filtrino_H1_all_languages.indd 17 01.08.2011 10:52:07 18en > Set the on/off switch to on. All display items will light up briely, and then the L icon stays lit. > Place a glass or cup holding at least 150 ml on the cup stand under the water outlet. > Press the start/stop button to dispense one portion of water to rinse the appliance. Note: Before using the appliance for the irst time or after a long period of non-use, do not drink the irst glass of water. The machine is now ready to use. Dispensing water > Set the cup stand to the appropriate height for the cup or glass. > Place the cup or glass under the water outlet. > Press the temp. set button to select the desired temperature. > Press the start/stop button. The water will dispense from the outlet. The selected temperature lashes while the water is dispensed. Height adjustment The adjustable cup stand lets you adjust the distance between your cup or glass and the water outlet. The lowest setting is suitable for taller glasses and cups. For smaller cups or soup cups you can insert the cup standintooneoftheupper openings. Important: Don.t use the appliance without cup stand. Fill quantity The appliance ships with a preset ill quantity of 120 ml. You can change this quantity. To adjust the ill quantity, proceed as follows: > Select any temperature (for example, 90 °C). > Turn the appliance off with the on/off switch. > Press and hold the start/stop button. > Turn the appliance on with the on/off switch. The indicator for the currently set ill quantity lashes. > Press the temp. set button to select the desired ill quantity: L = approx. 120 ml 70 °C= approx. 150 ml 80 °C= approx. 200 ml 90 °C= approx. 250 ml Q = approx. 300 ml > Release the start/stop button – the setting is now stored. Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbH Filtrino_H1_all_languages.indd 18 01.08.2011 10:52:08 19en Important: To keep the dispensed water from overlowing, make sure that you place a suficiently large glass or cup under the water outlet. Note: To change this setting at any time, repeat the above procedure. Child lock For safety reasons, this appliance is equipped with a child lock. To activate it, proceed as follows: > Press and hold the temp. set and start/ stop buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. The L and P icons light up . Info: When the child lock is activated, only room-temperature water is available. When you press the temp. set button, the L lashes; all other settings are blocked. To deactivate the child lock, proceed as follows: > Press and hold the temp. set and start/ stop buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds. The P icon goes out. BRITA MAXTRA water ilter system In models equipped with a water ilter system, only BRITA MAXTRA water ilter cartridges may be used. BRITA MAXTRA cartridges can be purchased from retailers or directly from Bosch Customer Service. (See the back pages of these instructions for contact information). The appliance can be used with or without a ilter cartridge. Keep in mind that you will enjoy the beneits of BRITA iltration only if a MAXTRA ilter cartridge is installed in the appliance. Tea and coffee also have more aroma when prepared with fresh, BRITA-iltered water. To use the machine without a ilter, simply remove the ilter holder and the ilter cartridge and adjust the machine settings accordingly. Important: The Filter Yes/No setting controls the ilter replacement indicator as well as the descale mode icon. To change the Filter Yes/No setting, proceed as follows: > Turn the appliance off with the on/off switch. > Press and hold the temp. set button. > Turn the appliance back on with the on/ off switch – the M icon lashes. > Press the start/stop button to select the Filter Yes/No setting: Yes = M lights up or No = M does not light up > Re...

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