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Instruções de Operação AdobeAir, Modelo RC50W

Fabricante : AdobeAir
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Features REMOTE CONTROL Easy to use. Allows operation from anywhere in the room. COOLING PAD Natural aspen pads provide excellent cooling comfort. CONTEMPORARY GRILLE DESIGN Adjustable louvers for directional air flow. INSTALLATION KIT Chain kit and hardware included for easy installation. MOTOR Two speed motor for optimum comfort. BLEED-OFF KIT Ensures consistent performance by minimizing scale build up. U.L. LISTED Three pronged grounded plugs for safety. WARRANTY 10 year limited warranty. Accessories (Sold Separately) WINDOW FILLER KIT MODEL #RK228 Expandable color coordinated filler fits windows from 26 to 38 inches wide. It’s easy to install and adds a finishing touch around the cooler grille. Available for all models except RC30W. WINTERIZING COVER MODEL #RF093948 – Contoured plastic cover fits cooler grille snugly to block winter air. Matching contemporary color and clean design enhance window appearance year round. Available for all models except RC30W. AUTOMATIC DRAIN PUMP MODEL #CM120A CleanMachine® replaces the bleed off system in your cooler, helping it save water and stay cleaner by automatically draining the sump every six hours of continuous cooler operation. RC50W 5,000 cfm ArcticCircle® window mounted evaporative coolers give you economical, cool, fresh air with the convenience of a remote control. Natural aspen pads provide environmentally friendly cooling with no ozone-depleting CFCs. ArcticCircle coolers also act as “air washers” to help filter out pollutants, allowing only cool, fresh air into your home. You need excellent cooling efficiency, clean, fresh air and affordable comfort, you need ArcticCircle. • Change settings from anywhere in the room • Cost effective cooling with natural aspen pads • Fully assembled for easy installation • Sizes to meet any cooling need ArcticCircle premium remote control window coolers use low-horsepower motors, so they cost much less to operate than expensive, high-horsepower air conditioning, for savings up to 75% of the cost of operating A/C. Because you have varied needs, ArcticCircle offers four models to choose from, including models that fit between wall studs or in sliding windows. For affordable cool, clean comfort and convenience, you need ArcticCircle. COOL, CLEAN COMFORT ... NATURALLY. Cost effective cooling with economical aspen pads. Convenient remote control and a full range of cooling power, including models that fit between wall studs or in sliding windows. Heavy-gauge steel construction for maximum strength; ArcticCircle.® Affordable. Efficient. Convenient. REMOTE CONTROLLED WINDOW COOLERS Specifications Industry Model Standard Series Rating HP** Speed Phase Amps*** RC50W 5000 1/2 2 1 9.2 RC45W 4500 1/3 2 1 7.3 RC40W 4000 1/3 2 1 7.3 RC30W 3000 1/8 2 1 3.6 * Industry Standard Rating is a numerical index for use in comparing units of different manufacturers. ** All models are 120 Volts, 60 Hz *** Blower motor (high speed) and pump RC45W 4,500 cfm RC40W 4,000 cfm RC30W 3,000 cf...

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