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Instruções de Operação Braun, Modelo CombiMax 650

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Facilidade de uso

In order to remove the insert, push up the insert end that protrudes at the bottom of the insert carrier. • Put the assembled slicer/shredder onto the drive shaft of the food processor bowl (D). •Put on the lid 7 and lock in place. Set the speed and fill the food to be pro- cessed into the filling tube while the motor is switched off. Refilling should be done with the motor switched off. • Never reach into the filling tube when the motor is running. Always use the pusher ® (E). N.B.: When processing juicy or soft food, you will obtain better results at a lower speed. Hard food should be processed at a higher speed. Do not overload the food processor bowl. 6. Whipping with the whipping attachment © Speed/time Whipping sponges Max. 280-300 g flour plus ingredients Cream eggs and water (if required) 5 / ca. 2 mins add sugar 5 / ca. 2 mins fold in flour 2 / ca. 30 secs Whipping egg-whites Min.: 2 egg-whites 4-5 / ca. 4 mins Max.: 6 egg-whites 4-5 / ca. 6 mins Whipping cream Min.: 0.15-0.2 l Max.: 0.4 l 3/ca. 1-2 mins 3/ca. 3.5-4 mins Before whipping sterilized cream, keep the cream cool for several hours (at 4° C approx.). Other accessories: French-fries system © (available at your retailer or at Braun Service Centres) Place the French-fries system onto the drive shaft, put on the lid 7 and lock in place. For best results, place 3 - 4 potatoes (depending on size) in the filling tube of the lid 7 while the motor is switched off. Set speed to 2 - 3 and switch on the appliance. Before filling in a new load, switch the motor off. Use the pusher ® to apply slight pressure when pushing the potatoes into the filling tube. 13 This product conforms to the European Directives EMC 89/336/EEC and Low Voltage 73/23/EEC. Please do not dispose of the product in the household waste at the end of its useful life. Disposal can take place at a Braun Service Centre or at appropriate collection points provided in your country. Subject to change without notice. Special accessories Braun Citrus press PJ 600 Type 3200, Speed: 2 - 4 & Braun Chopper attachment CH 600 Type 3200 14 Caution • The blade is very sharp! Take hold of the blade by the knob only. After using the blade, always first remove it from the chopper bowl before taking out the processed food. • Keep out of reach of children. • This appliance is suitable for household use and for processing small quantities only. Processing examples (recommended quantity: max. 200 ml/200 g) When processing large pieces of food, first use the pulse mode and then continue with the highest speed until you reach the desired degree of fineness. Do not chop extremely hard food such as coffee beans or nutmeg. Produkt Recomm. quantity Preparation Speed Switch setting Time/pulses Herbs without stems 14 I 5 - 10 secs. Onions 1 quartered 6 • pulse 5 x Cheese (hard) 50 g in pieces 14 I 45 secs. Nuts 50 g whole 14 I 30 secs. Salad dressing chop herbs beforehand 7 I 5 - 10 secs. Mayonnaise max. 1 egg mix egg, seasoning, mustard, vinegar, add oil slowly while motor is running 14 I 60 secs. Baby food (vegetables/fruits) raw or cooked, no hot food 14 I 20 - 30 secs. Recipe example for max. power consumption: Gingerbread Speed Time 100 g candied lemon peel 50 g hazelnuts 500 g honey 75 g flour Chop candied peel and hazelnuts 14 Add flour, honey and mix 14 Grease and flour a springform baking tin, pour in the mixture and bake at 150 °C for approx. 50 - 60 minutes. Cut into squares while still warm. 45 secs. 15 - 30 secs. Cleaning Be careful when cleaning the blade. Take hold of it by the knob only. Please note that the chopper bowl is not dishwasher-proof. Clean it manually with warm water. 15 Français La conception de nos produits leur permet d’offrir les plus hauts standards de qualité, de fonctionnalité et de design. Nous espérons que vous prendrez plaisir à utiliser votre nouvel appareil Braun. Veuillez lire le mode d’emploi soigneusement avant d’utiliser l’appareil pour la première fois. Important • La lame © est très affutée ! Toujours saisir la lame par son manche. Après l’utilisation, retirer tour d’abord la lame du bol universel © puis les aliments préparés. • S’assurer que la tension correspond bien celle indiquée sur la plaque de fond de l’appareil. Brancher sur un courant alternatif uniquement. • Garder l’appareil hors de portée des enfants. • Cet appareil es conçu pour un usage domestique uniquement et pur travailler les quantités indiquées. • Ne mettre aucune pièce de cet appareil au micro-ondes. • Ne pas laisser l’appareil en marche sans supervision. • Les appareils électriques Braun réponden...

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