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Instruções de Operação Philips, Modelo HR2831/00

Fabricante : Philips
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Espanol Pagina 13 • Desplegar la pagina 3 al leer las instrucciones de manejo. Portugues Pagina 24 • Durante a leitura do modo de emprego, desdobre e verifique a pag. 3. Dansk Side 34 • Hold side 3 opslaet mens De l.ser brugsanvisningen. Norsk Side 43 • Sla opp pa side 3 for De leser videre. Svenska Sid 52 • Ha sidan 3 utvikt nar ni laser bruksanvisningen. Suomi Sivu 61 • Pida sivu 3 auki samalla kun luet kayttoohjetta. 11 L M M C D E F G H I O NM K B A J 3 English Important • Read the instructions in conjunction with the illustrations before using the appliance. • Do not allow children to operate the appliance. • Care must be taken when handling the metal blade and the inserts as these are very sharp. • Always remove the protective cap from the metal blade before use. Always click it back into place after cleaning. • Let the rotating parts come to a complete stop before opening the cover. • Never put your fingers in the food chute, nor use forks, knives, spatulas, spoons etc. Only the provided pusher is suited for this purpose. • Remove the mains plug from the wall socket after use. • If the mains cord of this appliance is damaged, it must only be replaced by Philips or their service representative, as special tools and/or parts are required. • Prior to initial use, wash all the parts which come into contact with food. • Do not place the bowl into a microwave oven. • Never immerse the motor unit in water or any other liquid. Do not rinse either. • Please note that 0.75 litre is the maximum quantity for mixing or blending fluids. • Do not exceed the maximum quantities and processing times indicated in the table and the recipes. • Keep these instructions for future reference. General description (fig. 1) A M (“Moment”) button Press: motor runs. Release: motor stops. B Control ring 1 for removing and placing the lid. The lid release buttons (D) are now retracted 2 O/M for “Off” position and “Moment” position for pulse operation. I for continuous operation. C Motor unit D Lid release buttons E Pusher F Filling opening G Lid H Coupler I Bowl J Cord clip (service n°. 4822 290 40369) K Metal blade . (service n°. 4822 690 40232) L Insert holder disc f (service n°. 4203 065 61521) M Slicing insert medium g (service n°. 4203 065 61540) N Shredding insert medium h (service n°. 4203 065 61560) O Spatula (service n°. 4822 690 40212) Automatic Safety Shut-Off (resettable) Please read these instructions carefully before using the appliance. To prevent the hazard of damage due to overheating, your appliance is equipped with an automatic safety device which will automatically shut-off the mains power if necessary. If the instructions below are followed strictly you can safely switch on again after a one hour cooling-down period. If the appliance suddenly stops: 1. First remove the mains plug from the wall socket. 2. Secondly set the control ring to position O/M. 3. Allow a cooling-down period of min. one hour. Contact your Philips dealer or an authorised Philips service centre if the safety shut-off is activated repeatedly. 4 5 Mounting and unmounting the motor unit and cover - Ensure that the control ring is set to position 1 (fig. 2). Please note: Damage may occur if the control ring is not in this position while opening or closing. - Place the lid on the bowl (fig. 3). - Place the motor unit on the cover (fig. 4). - Turn the control ring to position 2 O/M (fig. 5). - To release the motor unit and lid turn the control ring to position 1 (fig. 6, 7). Food chute and pusher • Use the pusher to feed ingredients through the food chute (fig. 8). • You can keep the pusher in the food chute to serve as a stopper while operating. This will prevent splashing and making dust. • During operation you may remove the pusher from the filling opening to add ingredients. - At the bottom side of the pusher you will find an indication where you can pierce a small opening, using a pointed object (fig. 9). Through this opening you can from time to time add small quantities of liquid (e.g oil while making mayonnaise) (fig. 10). - There are level indications (ml) on the the pushing guide for measuring liquids. Chopping, mixing, blending and pureeing with the metal blade . • Take care: the cutting edges are very sharp! - Remove the protective cap from the metal blade before use (fig. 11-12). • Always hold the unprotected metal blade by its handle. - First position the coupler (fig. 13) and the metal blade (fig. 14). 2 1 7 M 6 1 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 3 4 5 1 16 1 15 16 1 15 -Then put the ingredients into the bowl (fig. 15). -Place the lid and the motor unit (fig. 3-4). -Put the pusher into the food chute. -Switch on by pressing the “Moment” button (fig. 16) or by selecting position I (fig. 17). 17 Tips - chopping • Pre-cut large pieces into cubes of about 3 x 3 x 3 cm. • Avoid overprocessing due to excessive operation. • If food should get caught around the metal blade, or when particles of food should stick to the inside of the bowl: -first switch ...

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