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Instruções de Operação Oregon Scientific, Modelo RA126

Fabricante : Oregon Scientific
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Fotos e especificações  Oregon Scientific  RA126
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The RA126 is a very useful product for any outdoor activity as it can help you locate your position and find your direction using the bearing tracking system. Equipped with temperature function, it is the perfect companion for any user who wishes to venture into the great outdoors. The RA126 bundles a digital compass, northern calibration, true north calibration, adjustable declination angle, bearing tracking system stopwatch and temperature. IMPORTANT • The measurement functions built into the RA126 are not meant to substitute professional measurement or industrial precision devices. Values produced by this watch should be considered as reasonable representations only. • Oregon Scientific™ assumes no responsibility for any loss, or any claims by third parties that may arise through the use of this watch. 1 3 4 2 5 6 1. COMPASS / -: Activate compass; lower setting values 2. MODE: Toggle main modes; quit setting modes quickly 3. ST / SP / +: Start / stop stopwatch; increase setting values 4. / : Turn on EL backlight; Activate keypad lock 5. SET / RESET / VIEW: Enter setting modes; toggle sub- modes; Reset stopwatch 6. Turning Bezel with cardinal points: North, South, East and West. 2 EN GETTING STARTED 9. : Indicates which way to turn the watch when calibrating the compass 1 10 10. : Sub-mode page indicator 2 11 11. ON : Indicates bearing tracking system in switched 3 12 12. : Press ST / SP / + to increase values 4 13. : Keypad lock activated 5 13 14. : Low battery 15. Smart indicator 14 6 15 16. : Keypad tone is turned OFF 17. :Temperature icon 7 16 8 17 9 GETTING STARTED TURN ON WATCH (FIRST-TIME USE ONLY) Press and hold any key for 2 seconds to activate the LCD display. 1. : Stopwatch is shown or running 2. : Alarm is set; will flash when activated The watch uses a 1 x CR2032 lithium battery, which has already been installed. See below for battery warnings. GETTING STARTED 3. : Smart indicator to lower values 4. “ “: Directional arrows indicates your position LOW BATTERY DESCRIPTION 5. : Master digits: i.e. Time ICON 6. : Minor digits: i.e. Stopwatch The watch battery is low. 7. : Smart indicator to return / quick confirm 8. Cardinal direction 3 EN Appears when the battery is too low to operate the sensor. “- -” is shown instead of temperature and compass values. To replace battery: 1. Using a coin, remove battery compartment lid by twisting counter-clockwise until it clicks out of place. 2. Remove the old batteries and insert the new matching the polarities. 3. Replace the lid by twisting it clockwise until firmly in place. NOTE When battery is replaced it is important to recalibrate the magnetic sensor. RAIN SPLASHES ETC SHOWERING (WARM/ COOL WATER ONLY) LIGHT SWIMMING / SHALLOW WATER SHALLOW DIVING/ SURFING/ WATER SPORTS SNORKELING / DEEP WATER DIVING 50M / 164 FEET OK OK OK OK NO NOTE Set the unit before exposing it to excessive water. Pressing the keys while in the water or during heavy rainstorms may cause water to enter the unit. OPERATION BACKLIGHT AND KEYPAD LOCK Press to turn backlight ON for 5 seconds. NOTE The backlight function will not operate while the low battery icon is displayed and it will return to normal once batteries have been replaced. To toggle keypad lock ON / OFF: Press and hold / . indicates keypad is locked. USE IN THE WATER The RA126 is water-resistant up to 50 meters (164 feet). 4 EN OPERATING MODES Clock mode: Time Time Alarm Beep ON / OFF Compass mode: Set Compass Compass with watch Compass with temperature Temperature mode: Temperature Press MODE to switch between: • Clock mode • Compass mode • Temperature mode • Set up mode To scroll through sub-modes: Press SET to scroll through the mode options in each mode. They are as follows: 5 EN set up mode: NOTE If no key is pressed for ten seconds, the display will return to Clock mode. STOPWATCH Bearing Tracking Calibration True north Declination SETMODE CLOCK MODE TO SET THE TIME AND DATE 1. Press MODE to navigate to Clock mode. 2. Press SET to navigate to time and date. 3. Press and hold SET to enter settings. 4. Press ST / SP / + to scroll upwards and COMPASS / -to scroll downwards through the setting options. The setting sequence is as follows: 12 / 24-hour time; hour; minute; year; day-month / month-day; month; day; temperature unit. 5. Press SET to confirm. 6 1. Press MODE to navigate to Compass mode. 2. Press SET to navigate to Compass with stopwatch. 3. Press ST / SP / + to start and stop the stopwatch. 4. Press and hold SET to reset. NOTE Unless you stop the stopwatch, “ ” will blink in all modes to remind you that the stopwatch is still timing. To view Compass with temperature: • Press MODE to navigate to Compass mode. • Press SET to navigate to Compass with temperature. NOTE The compass display is active for 30 seconds at a time. After this, the compass will go into power saving mode and “- - -” will appear on the display. To re-activate the compass, press COMPASS. EN TO SET THE ALARM ST/SP/+ SETMODE 1. Press MODE to...

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