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Instruções de Operação Nautique, Modelo 80128

Fabricante : Nautique
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Safety labels must be legible. If you suspect a label is missing or one becomes damaged, contact your Nautique dealer for immediate replacement. Tow Pylon Engine Inside Box and on Fuel Tank Water Strainer Fuel Fill Throttle Control Transom Warning Cross Member/Boarding Platform Engine CORC010 CORC092 WARNING! BEFORE OPERATING ENGINE, INSPECT FOR LEAKAGE If leakage is present, do not operate engine! CORC006 CORC008 CORC091 CORC216 CORC007 CORC004 Boating Safety Naut Air Sec 1_2008.qxd:Naut Air Sec 1.qxd 6/24/08 3:05 PM Page 1-5 Section 1 1-6 Flame Arrestor Board Racks Walk Through Windshield 211 and 220 210, 230 and 236 Dash Pod CORC204 FIRE EXTINGUISHER SYSTEM Armed when light is on. See Owners Manual CORC203A Gasoline vapors can explode resulting in injury or death. Before engine start-up, check engine compartment for gasoline vapors, then run blower for four minutes. Run blower when below cruising speed. A spinning propeller or carbon monoxide fumes can cause serious injury or death. Do not start or run engine while anyone is on or near the boarding platform. Do not operate this boat without a Correct Craft, Inc. boarding platform secured in place. DANGER W ARNING CORC009 CORC064 WARNING! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START OR OPERATE ENGINE WITH FLAME ARRESTOR REMOVED CORC093 CORC094 Avoid personal injury or property damage caused by flying objects. Remove any items from board racks when trailering boat. Naut Air Sec 1_2008.qxd:Naut Air Sec 1.qxd 6/24/08 3:05 PM Page 1-6 Boating Safety 1-7 Fuel Control Cell Flight Control Tower® 211 and 220 210, 230 and 236 Side Console CORC003 14700 Aerospace Pky. Orlando, FL 32809 Never run engine when the operator is not seated facing forward with hands on the controls. Leaking fuel is a fire and explosion hazard; inspect fuel system regularly and fix leaks immediately. Do not sit on seat backs, boat sides, or engine box while engine is running. Do not stand on boat sides at any time. Do not make high speed maneuvers in this boat. Always test the emergency engine shut off switch for proper function before operating the boat and never operate the boat unless the lanyard is securely attached to the driver. Always empty all ballast systems before lifting or trailering boat. To insure safe use and maintenance of this boat, read and understand the owners manual thoroughly. If you do not have a manual, contact: Correct Craft, Inc. - 14700 Aerospace PKY. Orlando, FL 32809 (407) 855-4141. ski@skinautique.com Correct Craft, Inc. installs a permanent wake enhancement ballast tank system in some models. The full weight of this system has already been considered in the boat weight and therefore does not influence maximum capacity, unlike portable ballast tanks or weights, which must be included as part of the gear weight. CORC200 CORC095 CORC011 Naut Air Sec 1_2008.qxd:Naut Air Sec 1.qxd 6/24/08 3:05 PM Page 1-7 Section 1 1-8 Boating Regulations The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is the authority of the waterways; they are there to help the boating public. State boating regulations are enforced by local authorities. You are subject to marine traffic laws and “Rules of the Road” for both federal and state waterways; you must stop if signaled to do so by enforcement officers, and permit to be boarded if asked. There are many pamphlets, prepared by the USCG, available to you. These pamphlets explain “Rules of the Road,” signal lights, buoys, safety, international and inland regulations and much more than is presented in the manual. For more information, contact your local USCG Unit or call the Coast Guard Customer Infoline at 1-800-368-5647. Boater Responsibilities It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the operator of the boat has been properly instructed in the lawful and safe operation of this vessel. Therefore, before operating the boat, read this owner/operator manual. Be sure you understand each item before operating it. Improper operation or trailering of the boat could lead to severe damage and/or injury. At the time of delivery, the owner/operator is responsible for: • Understanding warranty terms and conditions of your boat, your engine and your trailer. • Obtaining insurance. • Examining boat to ensure proper operation of all systems. Before operating the boat, the owner/operator is responsible for: • Obtaining state registration of the boat. • Providing the proper USCG required safety equipment. • Following proper break-in procedure for the engine. • Understanding safety information and proper operating procedures within this manual. While operating the boat, the owner/operator is responsible for: Naut Air Sec 1_2008.qxd:Naut Air Sec 1.qxd 6/24/08 3:05 PM Page 1-8 Boating Safety 1-9 • Knowing that all safety equipment and personal flotation devices (PFDs) are in good condition and suitable for your boat and passenger load. • Knowing that the capacity of the load are within the limits stated on the USCG Maximum Capacities Plate. • Verifying that the emergency stop switch is in prop...

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