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Instruções de Operação DeVillbiss Air Power Company, Modelo W1217

Fabricante : DeVillbiss Air Power Company
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Operating unit with water supply shut off (without flow of water) will result in equipment damage. During shut-down, entire system including pump, hose and wand will remain under pressure. Do not attempt to remove hose/gun until pressure is relieved. 7 MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE TO AVOID ELECTRICAL SHOCK, ALWAYS DISCONNECT THE PLUG FROM THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BEFORE ANY MAINTENANCE IS STARTED. MAINTENANCE 1. WATER SCREEN: Inspect the water screen before attaching water supply. Clean water screen if dirty. (Quick Connect Coupler) 2. NOZZLE CLOGGED: A clogged nozzle will cause a distorted spray pattern and/or low pressure output. 1. Unplug power supply, pull trigger on gun handle to relieve pressure, remove wand assembly from gun assembly. 2. Clean the nozzle with the nozzle cleaning tool. 3. Flush wand assembly backwards with water or compressed air. 4. If problems still exist, repeat steps 1-3. 3. LUBRICATION: No lubrication is required for this pump. HIGH PRESSURE HOSE: Damaged high pressure hoses can burst which can cause a potentially hazardous situation. High pressure hoses should not be kinked, crushed, twisted, or damaged in any way. Replace high pressure hose should this occur. WINTER STORAGE This pressure washer should be stored in such a way to protect it from freezing. Do not store this unit outdoors or in an area where temperatures will fall below 32.F. This can cause extensive damage to this unit. Drain as much water as possible. If unit has to be stored under freezing conditions a non-toxic R.V. anti-freeze can be used to protect from freezing. Add anti-freeze as follows: 1. Be sure the unit is turned off, the water supply hose is disconnected, and the pressure has been relieved from the gun. 2. Remove gun/hose assembly from the pressure washer. 3. Tip the unit on end with the water inlet fitting pointing upward, and start the motor. 4. Quickly pour approx. 1/4 cup of non-toxic R.V. antifreeze down the plastic fitting where the water hose attaches while the motor is running (See Figure 1 below). Let unit run for a few seconds. 5. Turn the unit off . Figure 1 8 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM CAUSE REMEDY Motor will not start and there is no humming sound 1. Not plugged in. 2. "RESET" button on GFCI not pushed. 3. Circuit breaker has tripped or fuse is blown. 1. Plug in. 2. Push "RESET" button. 3. Reset breaker or replace fuse. Power source circuit continues to trip or blow fuses 1. Too much load already on circuit. 1. Reduce load on circuit. 2. Try another G.F.C.I. circuit. Motor hums but will not start 1. Extension cord is too long or of improper gauge, causing voltage drop. 2. Pump is stuck due to dirt, mineral build up, or ice. 3. Motor malfunction 1. See section on extension cords (See page 6). 2. Unplug unit. If temp is below freezing do not use. Thaw in a warm area. 3. Take to authorized service center (See page 2) Unit does not reach required pressure 1. Restricted, or insufficient water supply. 2. Clogged nozzle. 1. Check supply hose, faucet and inlet screen. Must be connected to water source which provides 1.7 gal. water per minute. 2. See nozzle cleaning section. Units cycles automatically without triggering the gun. 1. Water leak in high pressure fittings, hose, or gun 1. New gun/hose assembly. Continuous tripping of a G.F.C.I. circuit. 1. Unit could have an electrial short. 1. Take to nearest AWSC. 9 ACCESSORIES/CLEANING SOLUTIONS/ SERVICE PARTS HIGH PRESSURE ROTARY SPRAY WAND PART NUMBER WA150 • High pressure rotating spray for maximum cleaning • Durable stainless steel nozzle ANGLE ROTARY BRUSH KIT PART NUMBER WA200 • 7 in. dia. nylon brush with rotating brush • Adjustable- for angled surfaces • Adjustable- for angled use • 2 ft. extension for added reach • Requires adaptor that is included with Pressure Washer (K-0369) FIXED BRUSH KIT PART NUMBER WA250 • 7 in. x 3 in. soft nylon bristles • Tapered for cleaning in tight spots • 2 ft. extension for added reach • Requires adaptor that is included with Pressure Washer (K-0369) 10 SERVICE PARTS Pressure Washer Detergent Dispenser Adjustable Spray Wand Quick Connect Coupler Low Pressure Attachment Adaptor Middle Extension Wand Gun/Hose On/Off Switch Inlet Port Hose Retainer Clip 1. Pressure Washer W1217 2. Gun/Hose PW-0201 3. Middle Extension Wand PW-0203 4. Adjustable Spray Wand PW-0202 5. Detergent Dispenser PW-0205 6. Low Pressure Attachment PW-0204 Adaptor (for use when attaching either of the brush kit) 7. Quick Connect Coupler PW-0021 8. On/Off Switch -------9. Hose Retaining Clip PW-0206 11 DeVILBISS AIR POWER COMPANY OWNERS MANUAL FOR ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER MODEL NO. W1217 Call our Toll Free Number 1-800-888-2468, Ext 2, then 1, to obtain the location of the nearest Authorized Service Center for ordering repair parts and for warranty repairs. When ordering repair parts from your local Authorized Service Center, always give the following information: • Model number of your product • Part number and description of the item you wish t...

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