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Instruções de Operação Boss Audio Systems, Modelo Harmonist PS-6

Fabricante : Boss Audio Systems
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Arquivo Nome : PS-6_OM.pdf
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These sections provide important information concerning the proper operation of the unit. Additionally, in order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every feature provided by your new unit, this manual should be read in its entirety. The manual should be saved and kept on hand as a convenient reference. A battery was installed in the unit before it left the factory. The life of this battery may be limited, however, since its primary purpose was to enable testing. Panel Descriptions Panel Descriptions 4 5 6 7 1. AC Adaptor Jack Accepts connection of an AC Adaptor (PSA series; optional). By using an AC Adaptor, you can play without being concerned about how much battery power you have left. * Use only the specified AC adaptor (PSA series), and connect it to an AC outlet of the correct voltage. Do not use any other AC adaptor, since this may cause malfunction. * If the AC adaptor is connected while power is on, the power supply is drawn from the AC adaptor. * We recommend that you keep batteries installed in the unit even though you’ll be powering it with the AC adaptor. That way, you’ll be able to continue a performance even if the cord of the AC adaptor gets accidently disconnected from the unit. 2. CHECK Indicator This indicator shows whether the effect is on or off, and also doubles as the battery check indicator. The indicator lights when the effect is on. * If you’re powering the unit with a battery and the CHECK indicator goes dim—or doesn’t light at all—when you try to turn the effect on, the battery is near depletion and should be replaced. For instructions on changing try to turn the effect on, the battery is near depletion and should be replaced. For instructions on changing * The CHECK indicator shows whether the effect is being applied or not. It does not indicate whether the power to the device is on or not. 3. OUTPUT Jacks A (MONO)/B These output jacks can be connected to an amplifier or another effects unit. * Use the OUTPUT A jack when you want to use monaural output. * The output will differ depending on the settings for the [MODE] knob and [SHIFT] knob. For details, refer to “Description of Each Mode” (p. 6–p. 9). 4. INPUT Jack This jack accepts signals coming from a guitar or other musical instrument, or another effects unit. * The INPUT jack doubles as the power switch. Power to the unit is turned on when you plug into the INPUT jack; the power is turned off when the cable is unplugged. To prevent unnecessary battery consumption, be sure to disconnect the plug from the INPUT jack when not using the effects unit. 5. EXP Jack Connect an expression pedal (Roland EV-5, BOSS FV-500L/FV-500H; sold separately) here. Depressing the pedal changes the amount of pitch shift. Pitch shifting is activated when you step on the pedal. When you release your foot from the pedal (minimum value) pitch changes become invalid. * Set the Minimum Volume of the EV-5, FV-500L/FV-500H to the minimum value (0). * If not set to the minimum value, things won’t work correctly. 6. Pedal Switch Pressing this switch will turn the effect on/off. 7. Thumbscrew When this screw is loosened, the pedal will open, allowing you to change the battery. * When operating on battery power only, the unit’s indicator will become dim when battery power gets too low. Replace the battery as soon as possible. For the procedure, refer to “Changing the Battery” (p. 10). Panel Descriptions Panel Descriptions 11109 8 8. [MODE] Knob Used to switch among the HARMONY (Major, minor), PITCH SHIFTER, DETUNE, and S-BEND modes. For information on how the various knobs function within each mode, refer to “Description of Each Mode” (p. 6–p. 9). 9. [KEY] Knob ([FALL TIME] Knob) Sets the key to play in when using the HARMONY (Major, minor) mode. * If the key for the song being performed is set incorrectly, the harmonies that are produced may not be at the right pitch. When in the S-BEND mode, this adjusts the amount of time it is to take for the pitch to transition from the set pitch back to the original pitch (the FALL time). 10. [SHIFT] Knob When in the HARMONY (Major, minor) mode Sets the pitch for the harmonies. For details, refer to“Description of Each Mode” (p. 6–p. 9). When in the PITCH SHIFTER/DETUNE/S-BEND modes Sets the amount of pitch shifting. Fordetails, referto“Description of Each Mode”(p. 6–p. 9). 11. [BALANCE] Knob (RISE TIME Knob) This Adjusts the output balance between the direct sound and the effect sound. When in the S-BEND mode, it adjusts the amount of time it is to take to transition to the set pitch (the RISE time). Connections Electric guitar AC adaptor PSA series (sold separately) Expression pedal Guitar amplifier (sold separately) * To prevent malfunction and/or damage to speakers or other devices, always turn down the volume, and turn off the power on all devices before making any connections. * Some connection cables contain resistors. Do not use cables that incorporate resistors for connecting to this unit. The...

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