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Instruções de Operação Aurora of America, Modelo 344A

Fabricante : Aurora of America
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Lubricate the bearings at regular intervals using a grease of high quality. Polyurea base © 1992 AURORA PUMP NO. AURORA, ILLINOIS MODELS 341A-342A-344A grease is recommended as lubricants for pumps operating in both wet and dry locations. Mixing of different brands of grease should be avoided due to possible chemical reactions between the brands which could damage the bearings. Accordingly, avoid grease of vegetable or animal base which can develop acids, as well as grease containing rosin, graphite, talc and other impurities. Under no circumstances should used grease be reused. Over lubrication should be avoided as it may result in overheating and possible bearing failure. Under normal application, adequate lubrication is assured if the amount of grease is maintained at 1/3 to 1/2 the capacity of the bearing and adjacent space surrounding it. In dry locations, each bearing will need lubrication at least every 600 hours of running time or every 6 to 12 months, whichever is more frequent. In wet locations the bearings should be lubricated at least after every 300 hours of running time or every 4 to 6 months, whichever is more frequent. A unit is considered to be installed in a wet location if the pump and motor are exposed to dripping water, to the weather, or to heavy condensation such as is found in unheated and poorly ventilated underground locations. Oil lubricated bearings are optional on MODEL 344 pumps. A fixed oil level is maintained with the power frame by an oiler which allows visual indications of reserve oil. At initial installation and before starting a unit that has been shut down for repairs or for any extended length of time, run enough 10W-30 weight motor oil through the oiler to maintain a constant oil level to insure that the bearing will never be without an oil supply. Oil will have to be added at intervals to maintain a constant level in the oiler. This interval can only be determined by experience. Under working conditions, oil will breakdown and need to be replaced at regular intervals. The length of these intervals will depend on many factors. Under normal operation, in clean and dry locations, the oil should be changed about once a year. However, when the pump is exposed to dirt contamination, high temperatures (200°F. or above) or a wet location, the oil may have to be changed every 2 to 3 months. Model 342A Model 341A Model 344A A. Assembled Units. CAUTION Use normal fire caution procedures when using any petroleum cleaner. REPAIRS Before starting any work, insure the electrical power is locked out, the system pressure has been lowered to 0 psi and temperature of the unit is at a safe level. The pump may be disassembled using the illustrations and text provided. Although complete disassembly is covered, it will seldom be necessary to completely disassemble your Aurora pump. The illustrations accompanying the disassembly instructions show the pump at various stages of disassembly. The illustrations are intended to aid in the correct identification of the parts mentioned in the text. Inspect removed parts at disassembly to determine if they can be reused. Ball bearings that turn roughly or show wear should be replaced. Cracked castings should never be reused. Scored or worn pump shafts should be replaced. Gaskets should be replaced at reassembly simply as a matter of economy. They are much less expensive to replace routinely than to replace singly as the need arises. Warning: High Pressure Hazard The pump is rated at a maximum of 175 psi at 150°F. Do not exceed this pressure. Install properly sized pressure relief valves in system. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury, death or property damage. Warning: Spraying Water Hazard When servicing pump replace all gaskets and seals. Do not re-use old gaskets or seals. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury, death or property damage. Warning: Sudden Start-Up Hazard Disconnect and lockout power source before servicing. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury, death or property damage. Warning: Hot Surface Hazard If pumping hot water, insure guards or proper insulation is installed to protect against skin contact to hot piping or pump components. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury, death or property damage. MODELS 341A-342A-344A 3 DISASSEMBLY Disassemble only what is needed to make repairs or accomplish inspection. (See Figure 2 for Model 341A, Figure 3 for Model 342A and Figure 3 for Model 344A.) 1. Disconnect and lockout power source to prevent drive unit from being energized during disassembly. 2. Unscrew the two drain plugs (4) from the casing (6). On Model 342A pumps, remove plugs (74 and 75) to drain pump. Also unscrew the two plugs (4) from casing (6). 3. Remove all relief, cooling, flushing or drain lines from pump, including compression connections (1 and 2) and tubing (3). Break s...

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