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Instruções de Operação Philips, Modelo SHC8585/00

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• Radio equipment for wireless audio applications is not protected against disturbance from other radio services. • Do not use cleansing agents containing alcohol, spirits, ammonia or abrasives as they may harm the housing. Use a slightly dampened chamois cloth to clean the housing. • If fluid spills into the headphone system, remove the batteries immediately and consult an authorized dealer. • Do not use this product in damp places or close to water. • Do not expose this product to extreme heat or direct sunlight. • Do not disassemble the product. In the event of technical difficulties, take it to your Philips retailer. • Do not cover this product. • Inadequately protected or sensitive electronic equipment may be affected by the use of this product. This interference may lead to damage to either equipment. Please check whether or not surrounding equipment may be affected by this product before you start using it. • Hearing Safety! Continuous use at high volume may permanently damage your hearing. System compatibility It is technically possible to use an additional number of FM wireless headphones or Philips FM wireless speakers with a single transmitter if they all*: – operate in the 864 MHz band – work according to the same modulation scheme – can detect a 19kHz pilot tone Please consult the appliance’s electrical specification sheets for confirmation on compatibility. This statement is to be interpreted from a technical point of view only and does therefore not constitute any guarantee nor obligation whatsoever regarding the commercial availability of single FM wireless headphones/speakers compatible with SHC8585. Using your FM wireless headphone system Using your FM wireless headphone system IMPORTANT! • Use only Philips 12V/200mA AC/DC adapter. • Use only Philips’ shortened sleeve rechargeable batteries NiMH (R03/AAA, type number: SBC HB550S, partnumber 996500015757). • Do not use NiCd batteries or alkaline batteries as they may damage your FM wireless headphone system. Installing/replacing batteries 1 Unscrew and remove the left ear cushion of the headphone. 2 Insert the rechargeable batteries into the battery compartment. Use only Philips’ shor tened sleeve rechargeable batteries NiMH (R03/AAA, type number : SBC HB550S, par tnumber 996500015757). 3 Make sure the batteries are correctly inserted as indicated by the engraved polarity symbol in the battery compartment. Always remove the batteries from the headphone if the system will not be used for a long period of time. 4 Put the left ear cushion back into place. Setting up the transmitter 5 Make sure the adapter’s rated voltage indicated on the type plate corresponds to the mains voltage supply. 6 Connect the DC power output connector of the 12 Volt/ 200mA AC/DC adapter to the DC POWER INPUT JACK at the back of the transmitter. 7 Connect the 12 Volt/200mA AC/DC adapter to the mains socket. Always remove the adapter from the mains socket if the transmitter will not be used for a period of time. Charging the headphone 8 Place the headphone onto the energizing docking station, and make sure the charging pins of the transmitter and the charging contact of the headphone are well aligned. The CHARGING INDICATOR light will be on automatically indicating charging is taking place. At the same time, the headphone will power off automatically (i.e. POWER ON/OFF INDICATOR lights off). When charging is finished (which takes approximately 16 hours), the green CHARGING INDICATOR light will also be off automatically. IMPORTANT! • The energizing docking station does not transmit audio signal when charging is activated. WARNING! • Before using the FM headphone for the first time, please ensure that the batteries are fully charged for at least 16 hours. This will guarantee a longer operating lifetime of batteries. • This product complies with the latest safety regulations. Please only charge the batteries with the docking station provided (SHC8585) or with fully compatible charger. Audio Connection 9 Connect one end of the audio cable (3.5 mm stereo plug) to the transmitter’s 3.5 mm STEREO INPUT JACK. 10 Connect the other end of the 3.5 mm stereo cable to either: a) The headphone output of an audio source, such as TV, HiFi or PC. Adjust the volume level of the audio source to a fixed reasonably high level; for example 25% of the maximum level. • In case your audio source has a 6.3mm headphone output, use the supplied 3.5mm to 6.3mm stereo adapter plug. IMPORTANT! • In case of certain TVs, the headphone jack output level can only be adjusted after accessing the TV on-screen menu. b) The line output of an audio source, such as REC OUT or LINE OUT (with the Y-cable supplied). • Check if the red RCA plug (right channel) is connected to the right channel (red) of the audio source. • Check if the white RCA plug (left channel) is connected to the left channel (white) of the audio source. • In case the audio source has an adjustable RCA output level, adjust the output level to...

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