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Instruções de Operação Creda, Modelo X155E

Fabricante : Creda
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(b) The weight of any stuffing used should be added before calculating the cooking time. (c) Place meat/poultry in the meat pan supplied with your cooker. Small joints weighing less than 1.75kg (31/2 lbs) should be roasted in a smaller meat pan/tin -or they may be 'pot roasted' a small joint in a large meat pan causes unnecessary oven splashing and evaporation of meat juices. (d) Additional fat should not be added, except for veal, very lean meat or poultry which can either be 'larded' with fat bacon or brushed very sparingly with cooking oil or melted fat. (e) Beef, lamb, mutton and poultry may be dusted lightly with seasoned flour to give a crisp outer surface. The skin of duck and goose should be pricked to release excess fat during cooking, and the rind of pork should be scored, brushed lightly with oil, and rubbed with salt, to give crisp crackling. (f) Meat and poultry wrapped in, or covered with a tent of aluminium foil will be juicy and tender. Roasting bags offer the same advantages. Always follow the manufacturers pack instructions, and remember to reduce the temperatures given for conventional ovens by approximately 25oC and the time by approximately 10 minutes per hour. (g) Potatoes for roasting only require to be brushed with cooking oil or melted fat. (h) It is not necessary to baste when roasting in an electric oven and stock or liquid should not be added to the meat pan since this only causes unnecessary soiling, steam and condensation. Joints of meat and whole birds should be defrosted slowly, preferably in a domestic refrigerator (allowing 5 -6 hours per 450g, 1lb), or at room temperature (allowing 2-3 hours per 450g, 1lb). If however, it is found necessary to accelerate this process, frozen food can be defrosted in the fan oven at a temperature of 80oC (175oF). A 1.5kg (3lb) oven ready frozen chicken, placed in the meat pan, will defrost in approximately 11/2 – 13/4 hours. The breast should be covered with foil, held in position by skewers or string, and the giblets removed after defrosting but before cooking. THIS METHOD OF DEFROSTING IS ONLY RECOMMENDED FOR MEAT/POULTRY UP TO 2kg (4lb) IN WEIGHT, AND IT IS ESSENTIAL TO COOK IT THOROUGHLY, IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS. Using the Main Oven for Other Functions “SLOW” Setting This is used for slow cooking, keeping food warm and warming plates for short periods. Extra care should be taken when warming bone china, as it may be damaged in a hot oven. DO NOT place food or plates directly on the oven floor as this could damage both the oven lining and the plates which are being warmed. Advantages of “SLOW” cooking are: The oven stays cleaner because there is less splashing. Timing of food is not as critical, so there is less fear of overcooking. Inexpensive joints of meat are tenderised. Fully loading the oven can be economical. Cooking times can be extended in some cases by up to 2 hours. The kitchen stays cooler. Operation: 1. Place the prepared food in the main oven and ensure the door is fully closed. 2. Select (Slow Cooking Temperature) by turning Main Oven Temperature & 90 Function Control (C) clockwise ensuring the oven door is fully closed. Storage and re-heating of food: 1. If food is to be frozen or not used immediately, place it in a clean container and cool as soon as possible. 2. Always thaw frozen food completely in the refrigerator before re-heating. 3. Always reheat food thoroughly and ensure it is piping hot before serving. 4. Only re-heat food once. Points to consider when preparing food for “SLOW” cooking: 1. Make sure that the dishes to be used will fit into the oven ensuring enough room for air to circulate. 2. All dishes cooked on the slow setting will require a minimum of 6 hours, however, if they are cooked for 1-2 hours longer then deterioration in their appearance may be noticed. 3. Never cook joints of meat over 2.7kg (6 lb) or poultry over 2.0kg (4lb 8oz). We do not recommend that joints of meat or poultry are stuffed before cooking on the slow setting. 4. To seal in the meat juices, always cook meat or poultry at 170oC for 30 minutes before wrapping in foil and placing on a rack over a tin (to allow good air circulation) before turning the control to the slow setting and cooking immediately. 5. Always ensure that joints of pork and poultry are thoroughly cooked by checking with a meat thermometer before serving. 6. Always thaw frozen foods completely before cooking. We do not recommend placing frozen food in the oven to cook. 7. Always bring soups, liquids and casseroles to the boil before placing in the oven. 8. Ensure that casserole dishes have a good seal (not airtight) and cover to the top with foil to prevent loss of moisture. 9. Ensure that fruit and vegetables are cut into even sized small pieces to cook properly. 10. Always adjust seasoning before serving. 11. If using dried red kidney beans it is important that the beans are soaked and then boiled for a minimum of 10 minutes before using in any dish to destroy any...

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Placa - X155E (175.75 kb)
Placa - X155E (175.75 kb)

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