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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo AL5522/01

Fabricante : Bosch
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The electric heating pad should not be used by children unless the control has been switched on and set by the parent or guardian or the child has been shown how to use the device correctly. 8. Do not use with disabled persons. To prevent injury, the appliance may be repaired by our customer service only. Do NOT -bring the power cord into contact with hot parts. -pull the power cord over sharp edges. Use heating pads in dry rooms only (not in the bathroom, etc.). Never use a damp or wet heating pad, wait until it has dried completely. 9. This appliance must be used exclusively as an electric heating pad, as stated in the instructions. Any other use will be considered hazardous. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from inappropriate or incorrect use. Do not cover the thermostat! To ensure that the thermostat functions correctly, do not place it on or under the heating pad or cover it with other objects. Do not wind the power cord around the thermostat. 10. When it comes to use any type of electrical appliance there are some basic rules that should be observed, namely: -Do not touch the appliance with wet or damp hands or feet. -Do not tug on the mains cable or the appliance to unplug it from the mains socket. -Do not expose the appliance to weather conditions (rain, sun, etc.). 11. Always unplug the appliance from the mains supply before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operation on it. 12. To avoid dangerous overheating, it is advisable to unwind the mains cable fully and unplug the appliance from the mains socket when not in use. 13. Do not attempt to change the mains cable on this appliance. If it is damaged, the appliance must be thrown away. 14. Prolonged use of the appliance at maximum temperature may cause burns to the skin. Do not pull the appliance along by the mains cable or use the cable as carry handle. 15. If the appliance is going to be used continuously for long periods the control must be set to the minimum position. 16. ONLY to be used on the top sheet. DO NOT lie on the heating pad as this may cause it to overheat. 17. Never immerse this appliance in water. 18. Should you decide to dispose of the appliance it must be rendered unusable by cutting the mains cable off, after unplugging it from the mains socket. We advise you to do the same with all potentially hazardous parts on the appliance, especially those that children might be tempted to play with. SWITCHING ON THE APPLIANCE IMPORTANT: This electric heating pad has a safety device that controls the temperature by switching the appliance on and off at regular intervals. To guarantee user safety, the temperature of the heating pad is the maximum permitted by current IEC standards. The appliance provides gentle, harmless heat. -Put the heating pad (1) in the fabric cover (2). Ensure that the power cord and thermostat (3) are situated outside the cover (2). Close the Velcro fastener or zip. Make sure that the control is set to 0 before plugging it in and switching on. -Set the required temperature on the thermostat (3). Fig. 2 When the temperature is set on the thermostat (3), the heating pad switches on and the indicator light (4) comes on. Fig. 3 If the thermostat (3) is set to position “0”, the heating pad switches off and the indicator light (4) goes out. Caution: When using the heati...

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