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Instruções de Operação Magnadyne, Modelo MobileVision BT-HFKP10

Fabricante : Magnadyne
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Facilidade de uso

1. On Handset: Select “BT-HFKP10” from the paired list on your handset screen. 2. On Speakerphone: Short press multi-function button and select “Accept” on handset screen to accept connection. IMPORTANT: Whenever Bluetooth connection/link is removed and you cannot see the headset ICON on phone screen, for example: power off on speakerphone/mobile handset or out of 30 feet sensing distance, please activate connection/link as suggested. Disconnecting from the Mobile Handset You may connect your speakerphone to another Bluetooth handset. Please follow the steps to disconnect the speakerphone with the pre-paired handset. 1. Power off the speakerphone. 2. Select “disconnecting” to remove previous connection from your handset list. IMPORTANT: Once mobile handset and speakerphone had been disconnected, for example: when the connecting range is over 30 feet or mobile headset is power off, the speakerphone will emits 2 short beeps per minute and LED will flash blue per 3 seconds. If mobile headset enters connecting range 30 feet with speakerphone within 10 minutes, the speakerphone will activate connection automatically and it is not necessary to push multi-function button for to reconnect. If mobile headset doesn’t enter connecting range 30 feet with speakerphone within 10 minutes, the speakerphone will power off automatically. Using the Speakerphone Once pairing is completed and battery is fully charged, you may access the following functions. Some of the below-mentioned functions are only accessible for handset's supported with Hands-Free Profile. Answering a Call: To answer a call, wait for the ringing tone from speakerphone, then quickly press the multi-function button to accept the call or answer the call via your mobile handset in the normal way. Ending a Call: Short press the multi-function button, to end your call or end the call via your mobile handset in the normal way. You will hear a short beep from the speaker. Reject a Call: When you hear the ringing tone, press and hold the multi-function button for 3 seconds until you hear a short beep. Voice Dialing: If your mobile handset is voice dialing enabled, under standby mode, press the multi-function button and when you hear a beep, say the voice tag. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to record voice tag into the mobile handset before using voice dialing function. This function is only applicable to mobile handset with Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile. Due to variation of phones, you may not hear the beep. Please refer to your mobile handset user guide for additional information. Last Number Re-Dialing: Under standby mode, quickly press multi-function button twice for last number redial. Adjusting the Volume: a. During a conversation press the -or + button repeatedly until you reach the desired volume level. b. During a conversation press the -button for 2 seconds, the speaker will be changed to low volume mode for private talk. Meanwhile, the LED will flash blue. c. During a conversation with low volume mode activated, press the + button for 2 seconds. The speaker will restore normal speakerphone volume. Operation Instructions (Continued) Mute: a. To mute the speakerphone, quickly press the “MODE” button. Meanwhile, the speakerphone will beep 1 time every 15 seconds and the LED flashes red. b. To un-mute the speakerphone, quickly press the “MODE” button. Call Inter-Changing: Speakerphone to Handset: During a conversation press and hold the + and -buttons simultaneously to switch operation from the speakerphone to the handset. Handset to Speakerphone: Press the multi-function button to switch operation from the handset to the speakerphone. Restore to Default-Remove Previous Pairing & Connection You may want to reset the speakerphone to its original settings and clear the previous pairing. Please follow these simple steps. 1. Ensure the speakerphone is under standby mode. 2. Press and hold the volume + and -buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until LED flashes blue and red alternatively. Release the buttons. 3. Again, press and hold the + and -buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds until speakerphone emits 2 short beeps. The speakerphone will be powered off and back to default setting. 4. After defaulting, if speakerphone is powered on again, the LED will flash red every 3 seconds and speakerphone will emit 3 beeps every 1 minute. Then, the speakerphone will be powered off within 2 minutes. The speakerphone will be back to normal when LED flashes blue every 3 seconds after completion of pairing with Bluetooth devices. LED Indication Speakerphone Mode Red LED Blue LED Sound Off Mode Off Off Power On Flashes every 3 seconds Short Beep Power Off On for 3 seconds Long Beep Standby - Before Pairing Flashes every 3 seconds 3 Beeps every minutes Standby - Low Voltage Flashes every 3 seconds Talking in Progress Flashes every 15 seconds Pairing in Progress Flashes alternatively Flashes alternatively Pairing Completed Flashes every 3 seconds Long Beep Mute Steady On Small Volu...

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