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Instruções de Operação Philips, Modelo SRU5120/87

Fabricante : Philips
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4 Extra possibilities 4.1 Adjusting device selection (Mode keys) The SRU 5120 is default set for operating TV or DVD. You can select the device you wish to operate with the TV and DVD keys. Each mode key allows operation of one device only. If desired, you can program the keys to select a different kind of device. For example, if you want to operate a second TV. In the following example you will see how to configure the DVD key for a second TV. 2 1 11 Switch on the second TV. Press the DVD key to select DVD. • The key lights up. 11 Then keep keys 1 and 6 on the SRU 5120 pressed simultaneously for three seconds, until the DVD key lights up. 12 3 12 8 Extra possibilities ENGLISH Press keys 9, 9 and 2 in that order. 13 134 13 134 5 Press the TV key to select TV. Press the key until it flashes twice and then remains lit. 14 14 • The DVD key flashes twice. The DVD key will now allow you to operate your second TV. 6 Program the SRU 5120 to operate the second TV. See ‘2.3 Setting the remote control’. 4.2 Restoring the original functions of your remote control 1 Keep keys 1 and 6 on the SRU 5120 pressed simultaneously for three seconds, until one of the mode keys (TV or DVD) flashes twice and then remains lit. 15 15 2 Press keys 9, 8 and 1, in that order. 16 16 • The mode key (TV or DVD) flashes twice. All original functions have now been restored and any extra functions have been deleted. Extra possibilities 9 ENGLISH 5 Frequently asked questions In this chapter you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your universal remote control. How do I set the remote control for combo devices (TV/VCR, TV/DVD, DVD/VCR, etc)? Some combo devices require you to set up two different source selection keys to control both parts of the combo device. For example, if you have a TV/DVD combo, you might need to set up one code under the TV key to control the TV and a separate code under the DVD key to control the DVD. The device I want to operate does not respond and the mode key (TV or DVD) does not flash when I press a key. Replace the old batteries with two new AAA batteries. The device I want to operate does not respond but the mode key (TV or DVD) does flash when a key is pressed. Point the SRU 5120 at the device and make sure that there are no obstructions between the SRU 5120 and the device. The SRU 5120 does not respond properly to commands. Try programming the SRU 5120 again. If the device still does not respond, call our helpline. The Text TV keys do not work. • Find out whether your TV is equipped with Text TV. • Maybe the SRU 5120 has to be adapted to the model of the device. Call our helpline for details. 10 Frequently asked questions Need help? If you have any questions about the SRU 5120, you can always contact us.You will find our contact details after the code list at the back of this manual. Read this manual carefully before you make a call. You can solve most of the problems yourself. If you cannot find any answers to your problems, write down the details of your device in the code list at the back of this manual. This will help our operators to assist you better and more quickly. Look up the numbers of the models in the instructions accompanying the device or on the back of your device. When you call our helpline, make sure the device is to hand so that our operators can help you determine whether your remote control is working properly. The model number of your Philips universal remote control is SRU 5120/87. Date of purchase: ......../......../........ (day/month/year) ENGLISH Need help? 11 Sommario 1 Telecomando universale 12 2 Installazione del telecomando universale 12-16 2.1 Inserimento delle batterie 12 2.2 Test del telecomando 13 2.3 Impostazione del telecomando universale 14-16 3 Tasti e relative funzioni 16-17 4 Possibilita aggiuntive 17-19 4.1 Regolazione della scelta del dispositivo (tasti modalita) 17-18 4.2 Ripristino delle impostazioni originali del telecomando 19 5 Domande frequenti 19-20 6 Assistenza 20 Elenco dei codici di tutte le marche/apparecchi 88-97 Informazioni per il consumatore 100 1 Telecomando universale ITALIANO Congratulazioni per l’acquisto e benvenuto in Philips! Per trarre il massimo vantaggio dall’assistenza fornita da Philips, registrare il proprio prodotto sul sito: Per un’installazione diretta, facile e veloce andare sul sito Internet: Dopo aver installato il telecomando universale SRU 5120 e possibile far funzionare un massimo di 2 dispositivi diversi: TV e lettore DVD/HDD/recorder o VCR. 2 Installazione del telecomando 2.1 Inserimento delle batterie 1 Premere il coperchio verso l’interno e farlo scorrere nella direzione indicata dalla freccia. 1 Inserire due batterie AAA nel vano batterie come mostrato. Riposizionare il coperchio fino a che non scatta in posizione. 3 2 1 12 Installazione del telecomando 2.2 Test del telecomando Il telecomando e stato programmato per funzionare con la maggior parte dei dispositivi...

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