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Instruções de Operação Thomas, Modelo Power Edition 1520

Fabricante : Thomas
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Remove the motor assembly from the container (see illustration @). Grip the full paper filter bag (13) ot the cardboard edges and pull off the suction inlet (2). Insert a new paper filter bag as described above. Long-life wet and dry filter (12) Unplug the mains supply cable. Remove the motor assembly from the container (see illustration @). Release the twist clip (29), remove and clean the filter (by beating or brushing). Replace if heavily soiled or worn. Dry vacuum cleaning Notes! As water can destroy the paper filter bag (13), ensure that no water resides in the hose or in the container. - To ensure that this does not occur, raise the hose and allow the appliance to run for a short period after wet vacuuming. Wipe the container dry. Never use the appliance for dry vacuuming without a filter. (A Disconnect the power plug and remove the motor assembly (7). Filter system (A Grip the paper filter bag (13) at the cardboard edges and press firmly onto the suction inlet (2). Then smooth the paper filter bag onto the container walls. (A Place the long-life wet and dry filter (12) flat on the motor flange and slide on to its fullest extent. Secure with the twist fasteners (29). © Set the motor assembly in place. Switch the unit on at the switch (3). The suction power can be changed by using the suction regulator (11) (air bypass slide). Air bypass slide closed = full suction power Air bypass slide open = reduced suction power Wet vacuum cleaning Notes! Liquids can be extracted directly from containers or sumps using the suction hose or the suction pipe. When extracting liquids from containers in which the level is higher than the container of the appliance and whose volume is larger than the capacity of the container, the liquid can continue to flow when the container is full and the float valve is closed. In such cases, extract in batches, emptying the container in between. After extraction, remove the suction pipe from the liquid and hold the suction pipe and hose pointing upwards (to prevent the continued flow of the liquid) before switching off the motor. After extracting liquids, clean and dry the container and all used parts (as described in "after wet cleaning"). (A Disconnect from the mains supply and remove the motor assembly (7). Always, remove the paper filter bag (13) and the long-life wet and dry filter (12) before extracting liquids (see illustrations (5 and (5), as they may otherwise be destroyed. When cleaning moist or wet dirt, insert the THOMAS long-life wet and dry filter. The paper filter bag (13) must be removed. Replace the motor assembly and switch the appliance back on with the switch (3). (G Always keep the float valve (40) clean and free from obstructions. It automatically interrupts suction when the container is full. Information on care of the appliance • Always disconnect the mains plug before cleaning the appliance. • Never immerse the motor assembly in water. If necessary, wipe with a moist cloth and dry. • Clean the container and the accessories used for wet cleaning with warm water, possibly using a non-abrasive detergent (especially after contact with viscous liquids). Environmental hints • Return packaging materials and worn out appliances to the waste recovery cycle. Please inquire at the municipal authorities rega...

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