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Instruções de Operação Freestyle, Modelo FS80932

Fabricante : Freestyle
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The mode banner will appear briefly before the mode is activated lexcept time keeping model. TO TURN ON THE BACKLIGHT Press the LIGHT button once to turn on the backlight for four seconds to help read the time at night or in dim light conditions. SETTING PROCEDURES TIME MODE Hour Minutes Seconds Use the Time Mode to set and view the current time and date. Also lets you keep track of time in a second time zone for foreign time. TO SET THE TIME AND DATE 1. Press MODE button to change in Time Keeping mode. Press and hold the SET/RECALL button for 3 seconds. Use the START/LAP button (+) to increase the value or the STOP/RESET l-l button to decrease it. Holding either button will increase or decrease it at high speed. Press the MODE button (NEXT) to go to the next item. To finish and save the changes, press the SET/RECALL button IDONE). If no button is operated for 2-3 minutes, the watch will automatically save the changes and return to normal display. 2. The setting sequence is: • Time zone Select TIME 1 to set the current time in your time zone or TIME 2 for a different time zone • Hours Enter the hours in 12-hour or 24-hour format • Minutes Enter the applicable minutes • Seconds Reset the second digits to 00 • Month Enter the applicable month • Day-of-the-month Enter the applicable day-of-the-month • Year Enter the applicable year • Hour format Select between 12-hour format with AM or PM indicator and 24-hour format with no indicator • Date format Select between MM-DD for month-day format and DD-MM for day-month format • Day-of-the-week language Select between English. French, or Spanish • Hourly chime option Turn the option ON if you want a chime to go off by the hour or OFF if you want none • Button beep option Turn the option ON if you want a beep to register every time a button is pressed or OFF if you do not want a beep Notes • The day of week is automatically set in accordance with the date. • The day can be set within the range of 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2099. • The seconds count is synchronized between TIME 1 and TIME 2. Day of the week abbreviations Day of the week is displayed as below: O) 3 5 3 T m ■D u o _ cn c r 3 Q 0/ r- C c 2 o 3: id 3 Q. •< 2 > > a 2 s § m | Wednesday c !s X T C r. ■< < s Tl 70 n EL' -C in IT > CO > LO C TO DISPLAY AND SWAP THE SECOND TIME ZONE When the current time is displayed, pressing and holding the STOP/RESET button briefly will display the second time zone. The T2 indicator will blink to indicate the time and date displayed is meant for the foreign time. Press and hold the STOP/RESET button for 2 seconds to swap between the TIME land TIME 2 display. CHRONOGRAPH MODE The chronograph mode is available to save 45 lap times in the memory automatically. The saved data can be recalled. The range of the Chronograph is 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds. The chronograph time is displayed in minutes:seconds:hundredth seconds in the first hour and display...

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