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Instruções de Operação Archos, Modelo Multimedia AM/FM/DVD Receiver VM9511TS

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WARNING! Never install this unit where operation andviewing could interfere with safe driving conditions. WARNING! To reduce the risk of a traffic accident (except when using for rear- view video camera) never use the video display function while driving the vehicle. This is a violation of federal law. WARNING! Never disassemble or adjust the unit without the assistance of a professional. For details, please consult your local car stereo specialty shop. WARNING! To prevent injury from shock or fire, never expose this unit to moisture or water. 1 VM9511TS WARNING! Never use irregular discs. WARNING! To prevent damage to the mechanism insidethis unit, avoid impact to the TFT monitor. WARNING! Do not change the fuse on the power wire without professional guidance. Using an improper fusemay cause damage to the unit and result in a fire. WARNING! The monitor employs an automatic motorized mechanism. To prevent damage to the core mechanism, please do not push, pull or swivel the monitor manually. Optional Accessories iAUX3 READY ( Sold Separately) • Can connect to any portable media device or multimedia device using a standard 3.5mm plug • Converts 3.5mm auxiliary input to RCA stereo outputs for easy connection to the radio’s AUX inputs Disconnecting the Battery To prevent a short circuit, be sure to turn off the ignition and remove the negative ( -) battery cable prior to installation. NOTE: If the VM9511TS is to be installed in a vehicle equipped with an on-board drive or navigation computer, DO NOT disconnect the battery cable. If the cable is disconnected, the computer memory may be lost. Under these conditions, use extra caution during installation toavoid causing a short circuit. 2 3 VM9511TS WIRING DIAGRAM VM9511TS WIRING DIAGRAM - MULTIMEDIA CONNECTIONS *TERK XMDJEN100 cables ( sold separately) ** TERK XMD1000 Direct Tuner and antenna ( sold separately) ** *NAV100 (sold separately) 4 5 VM9511TS INSTALLATION Pre-installation 1. Press the metal levers on both sides to remove the halfsleeve from the radio. 2. Remove the transport screws. 3. Install the half-sleeve. a. Install adapter if necessary (optional). b. Install half-sleeve into adapter or dashboard (use only the supplied screws). Do not force the sleeve into the opening or cause it to bend or bow. c. Locate the series of bend-tabs along the top, bottom and sides of the mounting sleeve. With the sleeve fully inserted into the dashboard opening, bend as many of the tabs outward as necessary so that the sleeve is firmly secured to the dashboard. d. Install support strap to make the unit more stable. CAUTION! Be careful not to damage the car wiring. 4. Place the radio in front of the dashboard opening so the wiring can be brought through the mounting sleeve. Wiring Complete wiring as illustrated in the wiring diagram on page 3. Once the wiring is complete, reconnect the battery negative terminal. If there is no ACC available, connect the ACC lead to the power supply with a switch. NOTE: When replacing a fuse, be sure to use correct type and amperage to avoid damaging the radio. The VM9511TS uses one 15 amp mini-ATM fuse, located in the black filter box in-line with the main wire harness. Final Installation After completing the wiring connections, turn the unit on to confirm operation (ignition switch must be on). If unit does not operate, recheck all wiring until problem is corrected. Once proper operation is achieved, turn off the ignition switch and proceed with final mounting of the chassis. 1. Connect wiring adapter to existing wiring harness. 2. Connect antenna lead. 3. Carefully slide the radio into the half-sleeve, making sure it is right-side-up, until it is fully seated and the spring clips lock it into place. NOTE: For proper operation of the CD/DVD player, the chassis must be mounted within 20° of horizontal. Make sure the unit is mounted within this limitation. 4. Attach one end of the perforated support strap (supplied) to the screw stud on the rear of the chassis using the hex nut provided. Fasten the other end of the perforated strap to a secure part of the dashboard either above or below the radio using the screw and hex nut provided. Bend the strap to position it as necessary. CAUTION! The rear of the radio must be supported with the strap to prevent damage to the dashboard from the weight of the radio or improper operation due to vibration. 5. Replace any items you removed from the dashboard. Final ISO-DIN Installation 1. Remove trim ring. 2. Mount factory brackets on new radio using existing screws from old radio. 3. Slide radio chassis into dash opening and secure. 4. Reinstall dash panel. Using the iAUX3 External AV Connector The iAUX3 (sold separately) allows you to connect a variety of external devices, including a VCR, DVD player, portable MP3 player, etc., to your VM9511TS without removing the radio. To install the iAUX3, connect it to the AUX-IN cables on the back of the VM9511TS (see the Wiring Diagram on page 3), and then inst...

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