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Instruções de Operação Elektra Beckum, Modelo DS 175 D

Fabricante : Elektra Beckum
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The grinder is to be subjected to a no-load trial run for at least 5 minutes. Do not stand in the grinder's danger zone during this trial run. Commissioning This double bench grinder is used for rough grinding. Please note that it is not intended for continuous operation. To prevent possible overloading/overheating it should not be operated for more than 15 - 30 minutes at a time. Let grinder cool down before operating again. Apply moderate pressure when holding the workpiece against the grinding wheel. Remember that the metal heats up by the grinding. The workpiece should therefore regularly cooled by submerging it in cold water. The dry grinding wheels of this bench grinders are suitable for rough grinding only. Size of part to be machined The part to be machined must at least be large enough to hold securely in both hands. A larger work piece must also be able to be held securely in and must not slip from the work piece support during the grinding process. When selecting the size of the work pieces, please bear in mind the grinding capacity of your grinding machine. Drill grinding The work piece support on the right grinding wheel is fitted with a trough for drill grinding. After switching on the double grinding machine hold the drill to be ground with both hands and push it into the trough. Then carefully guide the tip of the drill towards the grinding wheel and slowly turn the drill throughout the entire grinding process. Selecting a suitable Grinding Wheel This double bench grinder is factory fitted with two different normal corundum grinding wheels. On one side a wheel with a coarse grit is mounted, on the other side a fine grit grinding wheel. As a rule, the bulk of the arising grinding works such as the grinding of various axes, drill bits and screw drivers can be accomplished with this grinding wheel. For other jobs, especially the sharpening of knifes as well as the machining of hardened steel, a suitable grinding wheel according to the table on page 9 should be selected. Please keep in mind that there is no grinding wheel type suitable for all different requirements and the choice of the right grinding wheel is critical for the result of your work. Grinding Wheels When replacing grinding wheels it is important to ensure that the new wheel fits your grinding machine (see fig. 5), i.e. arbor bore size, outer diameter and wheel width must correspond with the original grinding wheel. This information is shown on all commercially available grinding wheels. It is recommended to check if an approval code is shown on the grinding wheel and to buy only approved grinding wheels. Metabo genuine grinding wheels are guaranteed for a constant high quality level. They are available at your metabo dealer in all common sizes and compositions. 5 1 Manufacturer’s address or stamp 2 Permissible speed in r.p.m. 3 Nominal size 4 Material (coded) 5 Test mark 6 Maximum working speed in m/s Grinding Wheel Check Before a new grinding wheel is mounted it should...

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