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Instruções de Operação Dynabrade, Modelo 10800

Fabricante : Dynabrade
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• Please refer to Dynabrade’s Warning/Safety Operating Instructions Tag (Reorder No. 95903) for more complete safety information. Notice All Dynabrade motors use the highest quality parts and metals available and are machined to exacting tolerances. The failure of quality pneumatic motors can most often be traced to an unclean air supply or the lack of lubrication. Air pressure easily forces dirt or water contained in the air supply into motor bearings causing early failure. It often scores the cylinder walls and the rotor blades resulting in limited efficiency and power. Our warranty obligation is contingent upon proper use of our tools and cannot apply to equipment which has been subjected to misuse such as unclean air, wet air or a lack of lubrication during the use of this tool. One Year Warranty Following the reasonable assumption that any inherent defect which might prevail in a product will become apparent to the user within one year from the date of purchase, all equipment of our manufacture is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service. We shall repair or replace at our factory, any equipment or part thereof which shall, within one year after delivery to the original purchaser, indicate upon our examination to have been defective. Our obligation is contingent upon proper use of Dynabrade tools in accordance with factory recommendations, instructions and safety practices. It shall not apply to equipment which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident or tampering in any way so as to affect its normal performance. Normally wearable parts such as bearings, contact wheels, rotor blades, etc., are not covered under this warranty. Machine Length Weight Spindle Air Flow Rate Sound Motor Motor Air Pressure Number Inch (mm) Pound (kg) Thread SCFM (LPM) Level HP (W) RPM PSI (Bars) 10800 9.0" (228.6) 1.60 lbs. (.72) None 19.0 (538) 65 dBA .03 (22.4) 15,000 90 (6.21) Additional specifications: Air Inlet Thread 1/4" (6 mm) NPT • Hose Size 1/2" (13 mm) (APD97•08) 2 Disassembly/Assembly Instructions - DynaFineTM Important: Manufacturer’s warranty is void if tool is disassembled before warranty expires Notice: Dynabrade strongly recommends the use of their 52296 Repair Collar (sold separately) during assembly/disassembly activities. Failure to use this collar will highly increase the risk of damage to the valve body of this tool. Please refer to parts breakdown for part identification. Motor Disassembly: 1. Disconnect tool from power source. 2. Secure air tool in vise using 52296 Repair Collar. 3. Remove sanding pad assembly. 4. Loosening 95884 Hose clamp. 5. Remove bearing/boot assembly. 6. With an adjustable pin wrench, remove 01560 Exhaust Cover by turning counter-clockwise. 7. Pull motor assembly from housing. 8. Remove 57961 Cam Assembly from rotor shaft. 9. Remove 53161 Front Bearing Plate, cylinder, and blades (4) from rotor. Note: The 40544 Bearing and 53161 Front Bearing Plate are a slip fit onto rotor. 10. Press rotor from 02673 Rear Bearing Plate. Remove 02679 Shield. Press 02696 Bearing from rear bearing plate. Motor disassembly is complete. Valve Body Disassembly: 1. Reposition motor housing in vise so inlet bushing is facing upwards. 2. Remove 94523 Inlet Bushing and muffler assembly from valve body housing. Using needle nose pliers, remove 01468 Spring, tip valve and seal. 3. Remove 95711 Retaining Ring from inlet adapter and disassemble muffler assembly. 4. Using a 2.5mm diameter drift pin and a hammer, tap 12132 Pin out from housing and remove throttle lever. 5. Remove 95558 Retaining Ring and push 01469 Speed Regulator from housing. Tool disassembly is complete. Motor Reassembly: Important: Be sure parts are clean and in good repair before reassembly. 1. Place 50777 Rotor in padded vise with threaded spindle facing upwards. 2. Install bearing/bearing plate assembly onto rotor. 3. Tighten 57961 Cam Assembly onto rotor (torque to 17 N•m/150 in. - lbs.). 4. Install well lubricated 01480 Blades (4) into rotor slots. Dynabrade Air Lube P/N 95842 is recommended for lubrication. 5. Install cylinder over rotor. Be sure air inlet holes of cylinder face away from bearing plate and that the pin in the front bearing plate aligns correctly with the pin-hole in the cylinder. 6. Install 02696 Rear Bearing into 02673 Rear Bearing Plate. Press bearing/bearing plate assembly onto rotor. Be sure that pin and air inlet holes line-up with pin slot and air inlet holes in cylinder. Install 02679 Shield. Important: Fit must be snug between bearing plates and cylinder. A loose fit will not achieve the proper preload of motor bearings. If too tight, rotor will not turn freely. Rotor must then be lightly tapped at press fit end so it will turn freely while still maintaining a snug fit. 7. Secure housing in vise using 52296 Repair Collar. 8. Install motor assembly into housing. Be sure motor drops all the way into housing. 9. Install 01560 Exhaust Cover onto motor housing (tor...

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