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Instruções de Operação Flymo, Modelo Pac a Shredder

Fabricante : Flymo
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5. Keep a proper balance and footing at all times. Do not overreach. Never stand at a higher level than the base of the product when feeding material into it. 6. When feeding material into the product be extremely ENGLISH - 1 Safety careful that pieces of metal, rocks, bottles, cans , ropes, netting or other foreign objects are not included. 7. When feeding material into the product be extremely careful that the mains cable is not accidently fed into the product. 8. Keep hands and feet away from the cutting means at all times and especially when switching on the motor. 9. Do not touch the cutting means before the machine is disconnected from the supply and the cutting means have come to a complete stop. 10.Do not tilt product when the power source is running. 11.Do not fold product when the power source is running. 12.When folding the product for storage please ensure the mains cable is kept clear. 13.Whilst using the product ensure the cable does not become trapped under the wheels or support feet. 14.Do not allow processed material to build up in the discharge area. This may prevent proper discharge and can result in kickback of material through the feed opening. 15.Use only Approved Replacement Parts. 16.Remove the plug from the mains : -before leaving the product unattended for any period or when transporting; -before clearing a blockage; -before checking, cleaning or working on the appliance; -if the product starts to vibrate abnormally or makes an unusual noise. Check immediately. Excessive vibration can cause injury. Maintenance and storage 1. Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the product is in safe working condition. Do not attempt to repair the product unless you are competent to do so. 2. Check the collection box frequently for wear or deterioration. 3. Replace worn or damaged parts for safety. 4. Only use the replacement parts specified for this product. 5. Be careful during folding of the product to prevent entrapment of the fingers between moving and fixed parts of the machine. Before operating the product, ensure the collection box is correctly located and the Interlock Switch (D1) is securely in place. The product will not start if the Interlock Switch is not located correctly. • Important The Collection Box is a safety guard that prevents access to the cutting blades. The product should never be used without the Collection Box in place. Starting and Stopping 1. To start the product, turn the control switch clockwise to the symbol (E1). 2. To stop the product, turn the control switch anti- clockwise back to the O symbol (F1). • A push stick is provided to feeding less bulky material into the Feed Inlet (G1) enabling the material to reach the cutting blade. • Do not use any other object to push material into the Feed Inlet. Overload Reset Button Overloading, jamming the product causes the machine to automatically stop. After a short period of time, press the reset button (H1) and restart the product. • When the feed inlet is suddenly blocked, the direction or rotation may switch automatically. Stop the product and after a short period of time, restart. Clearing a Blockage The product is fitted with a reverse switch (J1) to enable the release of jammed material. Turn the control switch anti-clockwise to the symbol to put into reverse mode. Adjustment • Important:-Only adjust the Cutting Plate when the product is running. Failure to do so may lead to serious damage to your product and result in your Warranty becoming void. Adjusting the Cutting Plate If branches and twigs are not being cut through cleanly, then adjustment of the Cutting Plate against the Cutting Blade is required. 1. With the product running in the forward direction insert the hex key supplied into the hole at the side of the casing (L1). 2. With the product running in the forward direction turn the hex key very slowly in a clockwise direction until the Cutting Blade (M1) can be heard slightly touching the Cutting Plate (M2) Do not over adjust, doing so could cause serious damage to the Cutting Plate and Cutting Blade and result in your Warranty becoming void. 3. Feed a branch into the Feed Inlet to check that it is cut cleanly and that no further adjustment is required. ENGLISH - 2 Environmental Information • Awareness of the environment must be considered when disposing of ‘end-of-life’ product. • If necessary, contact your local authority for disposal information. The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local counci...

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