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Instruções de Operação Ariston, Modelo ASD70CX

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The start button must be pressed to resume the delay programme. The progress icons will change to show current status. . During the drying part of the programme, the colons on the display stop flashing to show that the time has stopped counting down. The start button must be pressed to resume the programme. The progress icons will change to show the current status, the colons flash and count down continues. . During an Airing or Cool Tumble programme, or Post Care phase, the programme ends and the display shows . Note If you have a power cut, switch off the power or remove the plug, press the START button and the programme will resume. 6 Laundry Sorting your laundry . Check symbols on clothing labels to make sure that the articles can be tumble dried. . Sort laundry by fabric type. . Empty pockets and check buttons. . Close zippers and hooks and tie loose belts and strings. . Wring out each item in order to eliminate as much excess water as possible. ! Do not load dripping wet clothes into the dryer. Maximum load size Do not load more than maximum capacity. These numbers refer to dry weight: Natural fibres: 7kg max (15lb) Synthetic fibres: 3kg max (6.6lb) ! DO NOT overload the dryer as this could result in reduced drying performance. Typical load Clothes Blouse Cotton 150g 5oz Other 100g 3oz Dress Cotton 500g 1lb 2oz Other 350g 12oz Jeans 700g 1lb 6oz 10 nappies 1000g 2lb 3oz Shirt Cotton 300g 10oz Other 200g 7oz T-Shirt 125g 4oz Household Items Duvet cover Cotton 1500g 3lb 5oz (Double) Other 1000g 2lb3oz Large Tablecloth 700g 1lb 6oz Small Tablecloth 250g 9oz Tea Towel 100g 3oz Bath Towel 700g 1lb 6oz Hand Towel 350g 12oz Double Sheet 500g 1lb 2oz Single Sheet 350g 12oz Wash Care Labels Look at the labels on your garments, especially when tumble drying for the first time. The following symbols are the most common: May be tumble dried Do not tumble dry Tumble dry at high heat setting y at low heat setting Items not suitab le drying Articles that containing rubber or rubber-like materials or plastic film (pillows, cushions, or PVC rainwear), any other flammable articles or objects that contain flammable substances (towels soiled with hair spray). Glass fibr tain types of draperies) Items which have been dry cleaned Items with the ITCL Code (see Special clothing items). These can be cleaned with special at-home dry cleaning products. Follow instructions carefully. . Large bulky items (quilts, sleeping bags, pillows, cushions, large bedspreads etc). These expand when drying and would prevent airflow through the dryer. At the end of a drying cycle, cottons could still be damp if you grouped cottons and synthetics together. If this happens simply give them an additional short period of drying. 7 GB Start and Programmes Laundry Warnings Maintenance Description Suggestions Care Troubleshooting Service Installation Laundry GB Special clothing items Blankets and Bedspreads: acrylic items (Acilan, Courtelle, Orion, Dralon) must be dried with special care on LOW heat setting. Avoid drying for a long period of time. Pleated or creased garments: read the manufacturer’s drying instructions on the garment. Starched articles: do not dry these with non-starched items. Make sure that as much of the starch solution is removed from the load as possible before placing it in the dryer. Do not over-dry: the starch will become powdery and leave your clothing limp, which defeats the purpose of starch. Drying times Times are approximate and can vary depending upon: . Amount of water retained in clothes after spin cycle: towels and delicates retain a lot of water. . Fabrics: items that are the same type of fabric but different textures and thicknesses may not have the same drying time. . Quantity of laundry: single items or small loads may take longer to dry. . Dryness: If you are going to iron some of your clothes, they can be taken out while still a bit damp. Others can be left longer if you need them to be completely dry. . Heat setting. . Room temperature: if the room where the dryer is located is cold, it will take longer for the dryer to dry your clothes. . Bulk: some bulky items can be tumble dried with care. We suggest that you remove these items several times, shake them out, and return them to the dryer until finished. ! Do not over-dry your clothes. All fabrics contain a little natural moisture, which keeps them soft and fluffy. The table (see below) presents APPROXIMATE drying times in Hours : Minutes, as you see them on the display, the times are also shown in Minutes only for reference. The times given are for Cupboard Dry Automatic programmes. Timed Dry settings are also shown, to help you choose a suitable option. Weights refer to dry garments. Cottons High Heat Half Load Full Load 1 kg 2 kg 3 kg 4 kg 5 kg 6 kg 7 kg Automatic duration 0:30 - 0:40 0:40 - 0:55 0:55 - 1:10 1:10 - 1:20 1:20 - 1:30 1:35 - 2:00 2:00 - 2:20 Automatic minutes 30 - 40 40 - 55 55 - 70 70 - 80 80 - 90 95 - 120 120 - 140 Timed Dry setting 0:...

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