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Instruções de Operação Miller Electric, Modelo Hydraulic Flex Wing Cutter Falcon 10 - 15

Fabricante : Miller Electric
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This Operator's Manual is an integral part of the safe operation of this machine and must be maintained with the unit at all times. READ, UNDERSTAND, and FOLLOW the Safety and Operation Instructions contained in this manual before operating the equipment. If the Operator's Manual is not with the equipment, contact your dealer or Servis-Rhino (800446- 5158) to obtain a Free copy before operating the equipment. ALAMO INDUSTRIAL 1502 E. Walnut Seguin, Texas 78155 210-372-3551 © 2008 Alamo Group Inc. ® ® TO THE OWNER/OPERATOR/DEALER All implements with moving parts are potentially hazardous. There is no substitute for a cautious, safe-minded operator who recognizes the potential hazards and follows reasonable safety practices. The manufacturer has designed this implement to be used with all its safety equipment properly attached to minimize the chance of accidents. BEFORE YOU START!! Read the safety messages on the implement and shown in your manual. Observe the rules of safety and common sense! WARRANTY INFORMATION: Read and understand the complete Warranty Statement found in this Manual. Fill out the Warranty Registration Form in full and return it within 30 Days. Make certain the Serial Number of the Machine is recorded on the Warranty Card and on the Warranty Form that you retain. The use of "will-fit" parts will void your warranty and can cause catastrophic failure with possible injury or death. RED RED 002369 * * LOCK UP. 5. TRANSPORT SAFELY, 6. USE SMV, LIGHTS, & REFLECTORS. 7. DO NOT OPERATE WITH MOWER OR WING RAISED. 8. DO NOT MOUNT OR DISMOUNT WHILE MOVING. 4. BLOCK UP SECURELY BEFORE WORKING UNDER. 3. USE SAFETY SHOES,HARD HAT, SAFETY GLASSES, SEAT BELTS, & ROPS. 2. NO RIDERS, NO CHILDREN OPERATORS. 1. MANUAL READ Never mount or dismount a moving vehicle. Crushing from runover may cause injury or death. Put tractor in park or set brake, disengage PTO, stop engine, remove key, and wait until noise of rotation has ceased to prevent entanglement in rotating parts which may cause injury or death. 8. Before dismounting, secure flail mower in transport position or lower to ground. 7. Never operate with Flail Mower or Folding Section raised if passersby, bystandards or traffic are in the area to reduce possibility of injury or death from objects thrown by Blades under Shields or implement structure. 6. Make certain that SMV sign, Warning Lights, and Reflectors are clearly visible. Follow local traffic codes. Install Restrictor in folding circuit to slow down lowering and unfolding if action is faster than is desirable. 5. Before transporting, put Lift Lever in detent or full-lift position. Install Transport Safety Devices securely on folding implements. Slowdown when turning and on hillsides. 4. Block up or support raised machine and all lifted components securely before putting hands or feet under or working underneath any lifted component to prevent crushing injury or death from sudden dropping or inadvertent operation of controls. Make certain that area is clear before lowering or folding. 3. Operate only with tractor having Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and with seatbelt fastened securely and snugly to prevent injury and possible death from falling off or tractor overturn. Personal Protective Equipment such as Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes, and Ear Plugs are recommended. 2. Allow no children on or near implement of tractor. Allow no riders on tractor or implement. Falling off can cause serious injury or death from being runover by tractor or mower or contact with Flail Mower Blades. Learn how to stop engine suddenly in an emergency. Be alert for passersby and especially children. 1. Study and understand Operator's Manuals, Safety Signs, and Instructional Decals for tractor & flail mower to prevent misuse, abuse, & accidents. Practice before operating mower in a confined area or near passersby. FAILING TO FOLLOW SAFETY MESSAGES AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR EVEN DEATH TO OPERATOR AND OTHERS IN THE AREA. DANGER PARTS SECTION Parts Section – 1 PARTS ORDERING GUIDE For maximum safety and to guarantee optimum product reliability, always use genuine Servis-Rhino Parts. The use of inferior replacement parts may cause premature or catastrophic failure which could result in serious injury or death. Direct any questions regarding parts to: The following instructions are offered to help eliminate needless delay and error in processing purchase orders for the equipment in this section. 1. The Parts Section is prepared in logical sequence and grouping of parts that belong to the basic machine featured in this manual. Part Numbers and Descriptions are given to help locate the parts and quantities required. 2. The Purchase Order must include the name and address of the person or organization ordering the parts, who should be charged, and if possible, the serial number of the machine for which the parts are ordered. 3. The Purchase Order must clearly list the quantity of...

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Máquinas de soldar - Hydraulic Flex Wing Cutter Falcon 10 - 15 (21.71 mb)

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