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Instruções de Operação Samsung, Modelo LE19R71B

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When connecting an external device, match the colour of the connection terminal to the cable. Connecting DVI -Connect the DVI connector to the DVD connector. -Connect the stereo audio cable to “R - AUDIO - L” on the rear of your set and the other end to “Audio Out” of the sound card on your DVD. -DVI does not support PC function. Connecting Computer -Connect the D- Sub cable (optional) to “PC (PC IN)” on the rear of your set and the other end to the Video Card of your computer. -Connect the stereo audio cable (optional) to “AUDIO (PC IN)” on the rear of your set and the other end to “Audio Out” of the sound card on your computer. Connecting an Aerial or Cable Television Network To view television channels correctly, a signal must be received by the set from one of the following sources: -An outdoor aerial / A cable television network / A satellite network English-4 Connecting Set-Top Box, VCR or DVD -Connect the VCR or DVD SCART cable (optional) to the SCART connector of the VCR or DVD. -If you wish to connect both the Set-Top Box and VCR (or DVD), you should connect the Set-Top Box to the VCR (or DVD) and connect the VCR (or DVD) to your set. Connecting External A/V Devices -Connect RCA (optional) or S-VIDEO cable (optional) to an appropriate external A/V device such as VCR, DVD or Camcorder. -Connect RCA audio cables (optional) to “R - AUDIO - L” on the rear of your set and the other ends to corresponding audio out connectors on the A/V device. -Headphone may be connected to the headphone output ( ) on the rear of your set. While the headphone is connected, the sound from the built-in speakers will be disabled. Kensington Lock -The Kensington lock (optional) is a device used to physically fix the system when used in a public place. - If you want to use a locking device, contact the dealer where you purchased the TV. Viewing the Remote Control Television Standby button Number buttons for direct channel access One/Two-digit channel selection : Volume increase : Volume decrease Temporary sound switch-off Menu display and change confirmation Control the cursor in the menu Sound mode selection Picture effect selection Sound effect selection Use to see information on the current broadcast Available source selection Previous channel P : Next channel P : Previous channel Exit the on screen menu Picture freeze Picture size selection Automatic Power-off Selects the TV mode directly Teletext Functions Teletext hold Teletext index Teletext sub page Teletext size selection Teletext display/mix both teletext information and the normal broadcast Teletext reveal Teletext mode selection(LIST/FLOF) P : Teletext next page P : Teletext previous page Teletext cancel Teletext store Exit from the teletext display Fastext topic selection The performance of the remote control may be affected by bright light. This is a special remote control for the visually impaired, and has Braille points on the Power, Channel and Volume buttons. English-5 Installing Batteries in the Remote Control 1. Lift the cover at the back of the remote control upward as shown in the figure. 2. Install two AAA size batteries. Make sure to match the “+” and “–” ends of the batteries with the diagram inside the compartment. 3. Replace the cover. Remove the batteries and store them in a cool, dry place if you won’t be using the remote control for a long time. The remote control can be used up to about 23 feet from the TV. (Assuming typical TV usage, the batteries last for about one year.) If the remote control doesn’t work, check the following: 1. Is the TV power on? 2. Are the plus and minus ends of the batteries reversed? 3. Are the batteries drained? 4. Is there a power outage, or is the power cord unplugged? 5. Is there a special fluorescent light or neon sign nearby? Switching On and Off The mains lead is attached to the rear of your set. 1. Plug the mains lead into an appropriate socket. The standby indicator lights up on the front of the set. 2. Press the button on the front of the set. You also can press the POWER button or the TV ( ) button on the remote control to turn the TV on. The programme that you were watching last is reselected automatically. 3. Press the numeric button (0~9) or channel up/down ( / ) button on the remote control or button on the right side of the panel. When you switch the set on for the very first time, you will be asked to choose language in which the menus are to be displayed. 4. To switch your set off, press the POWER button again. Placing Your Television in Standby Mode Your set can be placed in standby mode in order to reduce the power consumption. The standby mode can be useful when you wish to interrupt viewing temporarily (during a meal, for example). 1. Press the POWER button on the remote control. The screen is turned off and a standby indicator appears on the front of your set. 2. To switch your set back on, simply press the POWER , numeric buttons (0~9) or channel up/down ( / ) button again. Do not leave your set ...

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