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Instruções de Operação Samsung, Modelo UE22C4000PW

Fabricante : Samsung
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Facilidade de uso

. In the SourceList, connected inputs will be highlighted. . Ext. and PCalways stay activated. 10 English Basic Features How to Navigate Menus Before using the TV, follow the steps below to learn how to navigate the menu and select and adjust different functions. MEDIA.PTOOLSRETURNABCDEXITINFOMENUGUIDE3421 1 ENTERE / Direction button: Move the cursor and select an item. Confirm the setting. 2 RETURN button: Returns to the previous menu. 3 MENU button: Displays the main on-screen menu. 4 EXIT button: Exits the on-screen menu. How to Operate the OSD (On Screen Display) The access step may differ depending on the selected menu. The main menu options appear on the screen: Picture, Sound, Channel, Setup, Input, Application, Support. Select an icon with the ^ or Ў button. Press ENTEREto access the sub-menu. Select the desired submenu with the ^ or Ў button. Adjust the value of an item with the < or > button. The adjustment in the OSD may differ depending on the selected menu. Press ENTEREto complete the configuration. Press EXIT. 1 MENU m2 ^ / Ў 3 ENTER E4 ^ / Ў 5 < / > 6 ENTER E7 EXIT e 03 Basic Features Using the INFO button (Now & Next guide) The display identifies the current channel and the status of certain audio-video settings. The Now & Next guide shows daily TV programme information for each channel according to the broadcasting time. INFO • Scroll <, > to view information for a desired programme while watching the current channel. • Scroll ^, Ў to view information for other channels. If you want to move to the currently selected channel, press the ENTERE button. DTV Air 15 ........ 18:00 ~ 6:00 18:11Thu 6Jan Life On Venus Avenue Unclassified No DetaildInformation Information EWatch Planning Your Viewing Guide The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) information is provided by broadcasters. Using programme schedules provided by broadcasters, you can specify programmes you want to watch in advance so that the channel automatically changes to the selected programme channel at the specified time. Programme entries may appear blank or out of date depending on a channel status. GUIDE English 11 Basic Features Using ChannelView Channel Manager Delete or set favourites channels and use the programme guide for digital broadcasts. Select a channel in the Channels, My Channels or Scheduled screen. DTV Air 800 five Home and Away 18:00 - 18:30 DramaDani is devastated when scott makes clear his views on marriage... 27 28 800 24 16 6 Discovery DiscoveryH&L five price-drop.tv QVC R4DTT American Chopper Programmes resume at 06:00 Home and... No Information QVC Selection No Information Tine Team Fiv... 18:00 - 19:00 19:00 - 20:00 )Family Affairs )Dark Angel 800 five View Mode +24 Hours Ch. Mode Information k Page E Watch 2:10 Tue 1 Jun Guide Channel View - TV 123456Today c1 1futech 2 *24ore.tv 15 abc1 3 BBC World 23 bid-up.tv 33 Boonerang 32 Cartoon Nwk 5 Class News 4 \Coming Soon 27 Discovery rAir Antenna B Zoom Select Sort k Page T Tools ChannelsAll TV Radio Data/Other Analogue Using ScheduledView DTV Air 800 five Family Affairs 18:00 - 18:30 DramaTanya confesses all to a stunned Babs. Conrad is anxious to hear... )Family Affairs )Dark Angel 800 800 18:30 19:15 five five 800 five View Mode Information E Cancel 2:10 Tue 1 Jun Guide Scheduled View 146Today Today 18:30 19:15 1 Red (View Mode): View the list of programmes that are playing now or coming up. 2 Yellow (+24 Hours): Viewing the list of programmes to be broadcasted after 24 hours. 3 Blue (Ch. Mode): Select the type of channels you want to display on the ChannelView window. (All, TV, Radio, Data/Other, My Channel 1~4) 4 Information: Displays details of the selected programme. 5 k (Page): Move to next or previous page. 6 ENTERE button . When selecting the current programme, you can watch the selected programme. . When selecting the future programme, you can reserve to watch the selected programme. To cancel the schedule, press the ENTERE button again and select Cancel Schedules. ¦ Channels: Shows the channel list according to channel type. ¦ * My Channels: Shows the group of the channel. ¦ Scheduled: Shows all the currently reserved programmes. . Using the colour buttons with the ChannelManager Red (Antenna): Toggle among Air or Cable. x • B Green (Zoom): Enlarges or shrinks a channel number. Yellow (Select): Select desired channels and press the Yellow button to set all the selected channels at the same time. The c mark appears to the left of the selected channels. x Blue (Sort): Change the list ordered by channel name or channel number. x • k (Page): Move to next or previous page. • T (Tools): Displays the ChannelManager option menu. (The options menus may differ depending on the situation.) Channel Status Display Icons Icons Operations A An analogue channel. c A channel selected. * A channel set as a Favourite. ( A programme currently being broadcast. \ A locked channel. ) A reserved programme. 12 English ¦ Using Favourite Channels * My Channels (in Channel Manager...

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