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Instruções de Operação AAMP of America, Modelo PXDP2

Fabricante : AAMP of America
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PXDP2InsMan Table of Contents Pages CHAPTER 1-Getting Started 1.1 Introduction 1 1.2 Precautions 1 1.3 Compatibility notes 2 1.4 Configuration & Harnesses selection 2 1.5 Programming the iPod2car 3 CHAPTER 2-Ford Installation 3 CHAPTER 3 -Operation 3.1 General operation overview 4-7 3.2 Ford Specific Operation 7-11 3.3 Troubleshooting 12 3.4 Warranty 13 3.5 Warning 13 3.6 FCC Statement 13 Chapter 1- Getting Started 1.1 Introduction Thank you for purchasing Peripheral Electronic’s® iPod2car Gen2 interface for OEM radios. The iPod2car Gen2 OEM is designed to provide endless hours of listening pleasure from your factory radio. To ensure that your iPod performs correctly with your radio, we recommend that you read this entire manual before at tempting installation of the iPod2car interface. the iPod2car Gen2 interface will allow you to connect your iPod to an oEM radio that has the ability to control an external Satellite tuner*. the iPod2car Gen2 oEM is designed to be used with Generation 3, 4, Mini, Photo iPods, Nano and iPod with Video. * Can not be used in conjunction with factory satellite tuner. * Not compatible with navigation equipped vehicles unless noted on Peripheral Application Guide. * (Click on “Application Guide” link.) 1.2 Precautions (Important, Please Read) UPDATING iPod FIRMWARE For proper operation of the iPod2car Gen2 oEM, your iPod must be updated with the most recent version of firmware from Apple. This is done on your computer. To update the software on the iPod go to Follow the directions on the website to complete the download. There is no charge for this update. PREVENTING DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE OR iPod. Some installations require you to make wiring connections. To eliminate the risk of an electrical short, we recommend disconnecting the vehicle’s battery prior to installation. If you do not feel comfortable making these connections, we suggest you seek professional installation. PROPER MOUNTING LOCATION Securely install the interface in a location free from; heat, humidity, moving parts, sharp metal edges or direct sunlight. We recommend securing the interface to a suitable location using; double sided tape, Velcro or wire ties. 2 1.3 Compatibility Notes This section will inform you of the specific requirements for your factory radio to be compatible with the iPod2car Gen2 OEM. These notes will inform you of any issues or circumstances that can affect the compatibility of our product with your radio, audio system, or accessories. Not all Factory radios are compatible with the iPod2car Gen2 OEM. The iPod2car will only work on models equipped with the specifications listed below. Please read and understand these notes before proceeding: Radio Requirements The operation of the iPod2car Gen2 OEM relies upon the radio’s ability to display text, such as song title, playlist, or artist information from the iPod. Most MP3 compatible radios are capable of displaying at least one line of text information on the faceplate. Ford Radios must be “can-bus”, satellite ready, or have “MP3” printed on the faceplate of the radio. This indicates that the required connection is present on the rear of the head unit and that the radio has the necessary functionality to operate the iPod2car. iPod2car interface Docking cable Radio specific harness 1.4 Configuration and Harness Selection This section will instruct you on how to properly identify and/or confirm the proper interface dip-switch configuration and harness selection for your vehicles factory radio. On the following page you will find our Harness and Dip-Switch Configuration Chart. This chart will inform you of the proper harness and dip-switch configuration for your vehicle. The iPod2car Gen2 kit that you purchased includes an iPod docking cable and the interface. You should have also purchased one of the following harnesses; Ford - PXH2FD1 If you do not have one of these harnesses, your authorized Peripheral® dealer will have the harness for you to purchase separately. Dip Switch Configuration Chart 3 1.5 Programming the iPod2car To program the interface, set the dip-switches located on the side of the interface (see Fig.1 below) to the configuration listed for your radio on the Harness and Dip Switch Configuration Chart. Switches are in their default setting of “off” in the up position and are turned “on” when switched down. Refer to the chart on the bottom of this page. This programs the iPod2car to the radio it is being connected to. The dipswitches MUST be set before the interface is plugged into the vehicle. otherwise the iPod2car will not work correctly. Brand Mode Harness 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 FORD SAT PXH2FD1 ON ON ON oFF oFF oFF oFF oFF Fig.1 Side view of Interface with dip switches OFF ON v Chapter 2- General Installation In this section you will be instructed on how to connect the iPod2car Gen2 oEM to your factory radio. Ford Installation 1. Carefully remove the trim panels co...

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