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Instruções de Operação Gigabyte, Modelo Aivia M8600

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The series is to emphasize the combination of subconscious, design and function as well as the pursuit of archetype. GIGABYTE believes each mouse and keyboard are the scrupulous work of mankind’s brainpower. Aivia is not only an extension to the human intellect, but also an intuitive extension to the use of artificial intelligence. The Aivia M8600 Wireless Macro Gaming mouse breaks free from the constraint of tangled wires while achieving tough mission during game play. Having ultra-high precision gaming sensor and 2.4GHz gaming-grade wireless technology, Aivia M8600 demonstrates not only excellent performance but also incredible rapid transmission even as a wireless gaming mouse. The battery life lasts continuously over 24 hours in the gaming mode and with introduction of the unique QSBSTM Technology – Quick-swap Battery System, you will enjoy a fast battery reload and lag-free game. 32KB onboard memory enables 5 profile settings on your M8600, and allows you to bring your personal settings wherever you go. Combining that with 6600DPI and 1000Hz report rate, the Aivia M8600 now becomes your ultimate weapon. Feature • GamePlayTM Wireless Technology • Over 24hr battery life in game play • Dual mode wired/ wireless functionality • GHOSTTM Macro Engine ENGLISH 1 ENGLISHENGLISH Mouse Introduction Default button assignments A Mouse button 1 – Left Click B Mouse button 2 – Right Click C Mouse button 3 – Middle Click and 4 ways Scrolling Wheel D Mouse button 4 – DPI Switching Up E Mouse button 5 – DPI Switching Down F Mouse button 6 – Forward G Mouse button 7 –Back HMouse button 8 –Profile Change I Mouse button 9 – Back J Cable Lock/ Unlock Switch K Pro-laser Gaming Sensor L Battery Charging Connector M ID Pairing Button N Power on/off Switch O Battery Lock/Unlock Switch P Ultra-DurableTM Teflon feet Q Pairing Button R Charging Contact Spring Band S Connector Jack for mini USB cable T Battery Slot 2 Installation Wireless Mode 1. Remove the sticker between battery and mouse before using. 2. Switch on M8600. 3. Connect the Charging Dock to your computer with the mini-USB cable. 4. Press the connecting buttons on M8600 and Charging Dock at the same time. When the pairing process is completed, your M8600 is then ready for use in wireless mode. 5. To charge M8600 in wireless mode, just place it on the Charging Dock. There is also a spare charging battery to replace.(For the first time use, please recharge the battery at least 8 hours.) 6. To replace the battery with the spare battery, push the battery switch to the left as shown. The battery will pop out instantly. Wired Mode 1. Connect the mini-USB end of the cable to M8600. 2. Plug mouse into the USB port of your computer. M8600 is then ready for use as a wired mouse. Besides, its battery will start charging automatically in this wired mode. 3. To remove the cable, push the cable switch to the right as shown before pulling out the mini-USB connector. ENGLISH 3 ENGLISHENGLISH Charging Methods • There are three different charging methods below. Place M8600 on the charging dock connected to your PC. There will be running green light on the front side of mouse to indicate charging process. Insert your battery to battery slot of the charging dock. Connect the charging dock to your PC. The red light on charging dock will turn into green to indicate charging process. When the battery is fully charged, the LED on charging dock will come back to red light. Connect M8600 to your PC with the mini USB. The mouse will start charging automatically in wired mode 4 LED Light System M8600 has a profile/Battery/Sensitivity LED indicator on its front side, which displays the status of profile/ battery life/sensitivity/ stage. Profile Indicator ENGLISH The color of the mode indicator LEDs changes along with profile switch. There are 5 different LED colors corresponding to the 5 available profiles on the mouse. The LED color can be selected from the GHOST Engine software based on your preference. 5 Battery Indicator The GREEN LEDs shows the remaining battery life: • 61 - 100% Battery: 3 green LED arrows • 31 -60% Battery: 2 green LED arrows • 11 - 30% Battery: 1 green LED arrow • Less than 10% Battery: 3 green blinking LEDs arrows Sensitivity Stage Indicator The LEDs will turn into RED light while adjusting sensitivity. • Sensitivity Stage 1: 1 red LED • Sensitivity Stage 2: 2 red LEDs • Sensitivity Stage 3: 3 red LEDs • Sensitivity Stage 4: full red LEDs ENGLISH 6 GHOSTTM Macro Engine GHOSTTM Macro Engine supports Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows7. Install the software to assign buttons and set up your personal profile. Please make sure to connect your M8600 with mini USB cable to PC while editing macro and assigning buttons through GHOSTTM Engine software. (In wireless mode you are only allowed to adjust sensitivity, left-handed/right-handed mode and gaming/power saving mode) Left Hand/ Right hand Mode Aivia M8600 is designed both for left-handed and right-handed user....

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