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Instruções de Operação Gale, Modelo BANKS MONSTER F450

Fabricante : Gale
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If you have any questions relating to shipping or billing, please contact our Customer Service Department at (888) 839-5600. Thank you. 1. Before starting work, familiarize yourself with the installation procedure by reading all of the instructions. 2. The exploded view (Figure 1, pages 4-5) provides only general guidance. Refer to each step and section diagram in this manual for proper instruction. 3. Throughout this manual, the left side of the vehicle refers to the driver’s side, and the right side to the passenger’s side. 4. Disconnect the negative (ground) cable from the battery (or batteries, if there are two) before beginning work. 5. Route and tie wires and hoses a minimum of 6” away from exhaust heat, moving parts and sharp edges. clearance of 8” or more is recommended where possible. 6. When raising the vehicle, support it on properly weight-rated safety stands, ramps or a commercial hoist. Follow the manufacturer’s safety precautions. Take care to balance the vehicle to prevent it from slipping or falling. When using ramps, be sure the front wheels are centered squarely on the topsides. When raising the front of the vehicle, put the transmission in park (automatic) or reverse (manual), set the parking brake, and block the rear wheels. When raising the back of the vehicle, be sure the vehicle is on level ground and the front wheels are blocked securely. Caution! Do not use floor jacks to support the vehicle while working under it. Do not raise the vehicle onto concrete blocks, masonry or any other item not intended specifically for this use. 7. During installation, keep the work area clean. Do not allow anything to be dropped into intake, exhaust, or lubrication system components while performing the installation, as foreign objects will cause immediate engine damage upon start-up. Tools Required: • 1.2” and 3.8” drive ratchets with inch and metric sockets and 1.2” and 3.8” drive extension • Inch and metric combination or open-end wrenches • Standard screwdriver • Clean shop towels or rags • Pry-bar • Reciprocating saw Highly recommended tools and supplies: • Inch-pound and foot-pound torque wrenches • Penetrating oil or light lubricant spray • Transmission jack (manual transmission) 2 94441 v.3.0 Monster Exhaust System Installation 1. Disconnect the negative (ground) cable from the battery (if there is more than one battery, disconnect both negative cables). Secure the cable so it cannot accidentally come in contact with the post. 2. Raise the vehicle and support it securely with properly weight-rated safety stands, ramps or a commercial hoist. Take care to balance the vehicle to prevent it from slipping or falling. When using ramps, be sure the wheels are centered squarely on the topsides. Place the transmission in park (automatic) or reverse (manual), set the parking brake and securely block the wheels that are on the ground. CAUTION: DO NOT WORK UNDER ANY VEHICLE SUPPORTED ONLY BY A JACK. SEVERE INJURY MAY RESULT. WARNING! The following step may require the use of a torch and/or saw. Proper safety equipment should be used. Failure to use proper safety equipment may result in severe injury. 3. From under the vehicle, remove the factory exhaust system from the catalytic converter back. Starting at the rear of the vehicle, remove each component by either cutting through the pipe near the clamps or by removing the clamps and heating the joints with an oxy-acetylene torch to allow crimped pipes to separate. DO NOT cUT OR DAMAGE cATALYTIc cONVERTER TUBING DURING THE REMOVAL PROcESS. To assist in removal, the T.O.P. should be cut before the resonator if it is going to be replaced. Remove the hanger pins from the rubber hangers with a pry bar. (Spray lubricant will ease hanger removal. 4. Remove the two (2) nuts attaching the turbine outlet pipe (T.O.P.) to the catalytic converter inlet. Loosen and remove the band clamp that attaches the rear intermediate pipe to the catalytic converter outlet. Remove the catalytic converter assembly from the vehicle. Remove the band-clamp that attaches the T.O.P. to the turbocharger and remove the factory T.O.P. from the vehicle. Retain V-band clamp for re-assembly. Note: To assist in T.O.P. removal, remove the rear engine hoist hook by removing the two (2) Hex screws and remove the valve cover heatshield. The dipstick tube may also be removed or slightly bent to allow for T.O.P. removal/installation. Retain all hardware and parts for reassembly. For Manual Transmissions only: the transmission will need to be lowered to allow for removal and installation of the T.O.P. Using a Transmission Jack, support the rear of the transmission to allow working room for the T.O.P. and remove the rear transmission mount and crossmember. Remove the Front drive shaft support bracket from the cab. Lower the transmission 4-6” and remove the factory T.O.P. Install the Banks T.O.P. Raise the transmission and reinstall drive shaft bracket, transmission crossmember and rear transmission mo...

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