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Instruções de Operação AIPTEK, Modelo Action Z5X5P

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Turn on your HD TV. 2. Turn on the Camcorder. 3. Plug one end of the component video cable into the (Component Video IN) port on the HDTV and the other end into the (HD OUT) port on Camcorder. 4. Plug one end of the other AV cable into the (Component Audio IN) port on the HDTV and the other end into the (AV OUT) port on Camcorder. (Please do not plug in the yellow connector to HDTV’s AV-IN.) 5. Press the input switch mode on HD TV and select “Component Input”. If you record an HD resolution clip while connected to your HD TV, the TV display video resolution will down size to D1 (480P) resolution due to data bit rate, but the recorded file will remain HD with no change. Connecting the camcorder to Standard TV TV = Traditional CRT TV AV mode AV-IN Video Audio AV Out AV cable 1. Power on your TV and switch the TV to AV mode. 2. Connect the audio and video ends of the AV cable (yellow/white/red color) to the TV “AV-IN” jacks. 3. Power on the camcorder. 4. Connect the other end of the AV cable to the “AV out” port on your camcorder. When the pop-up message appears on the screen, please select “AV-Out”. 1010 Advanced Operations Menu operation The menu items provide several options for you to fine-tune your camera functions. The following table gives details on menu operations. How to... Action Bring up the menu Press the MENU button. Move the highlight bar Use the Joystick to move up or down. Enter sub-menu/Confirm an item Press the OK key. Exit menu/Go back to upper menu Press the MENU button (when in sub-menu). Menu items in Camera mode Power-on > Press the Menu button. Item Option HD 1080P Description Set the video resolution to HD 1080P (1440x1080 pixels). Video resolution HD 60f Set the video resolution to HD 60f (1280x720 pixels). HD 30f Set the video resolution to HD 30f (1280x720 pixels). D1 60f Set the video resolution to D1 60f (720x480 pixels). CIF30f Set the video resolution to CIF30f (352x240 pixels). Picture Resolution 3M Set picture resolution to 3 mega pixels. 5M Set picture resolution to 5 mega pixels. 8M Set picture resolution to 8 mega pixels. NightShot On/Off Enabling this setting allows you to take a photograph with a dark background. Since the shutter speed will slow down when taking photographs at a dark place, we recommend using a tripod to eliminate blurring from hand shake. Warning: Noise increases when NightShot is enabled. Auto The camera automatically adjusts white balance. Sunny This setting is suitable for outdoor recording in sunny weather. WB Cloudy This setting is suitable for recording in cloudy weather or shady environments. Fluorescent This setting is suitable for indoor recording with fluorescent lamp lighting, or environments with high color temperature. Tungsten This setting is suitable for indoor recording with incandescent lamp lighting, or environments with low color temperature. 11 Menu items in Camera mode (continued) Item Option On Description The flash is forced to fire in every shot. Flashlight Auto The flash automatically fires when the lighting is insufficient. Off The flash is disabled. Video Light On/Auto/Off This setting allows you to add extra light when the lighting is insufficient during recording video clips. Normal Make recordings in natural color. Effect B&W Make recordings in black and white. Classic Make recordings in sepia-toned color. Exposure -2~+2 Manually adjust the exposure to gain better effect when the preview image appears too bright or too dark. A positive value indicates the image will be brighter than usual; while a negative value makes the image dimmer. Selftimer On/Off Enable/Disable the selftimer. After the selftimer is turned on, the camera will have ten seconds delay before recording when the Shutter button is pressed. Histogram On/Off Enable/Disable image histogram display on the screen. Icon On/Off Enable/Disable OSD (on screen display) icons to display on the screen. Menu items in Playback mode Power-on > Press the MODE button > Use the Joystick to switch to My Works mode > Select Video, Picture or Voice folder> Press the OK button > Press the MENU button. Item Option Description Delete One Yes/No Delete current file. Delete All Yes/No Delete all pictures and video/audio files stored in the memory. Slide Show/ Video Play -The camera displays images/video clips in sequence. You can press the OK key to stop the slide show/video play. Lock Yes/No Single, multiple, or all files can be locked. A locked file cannot be erased by a delete function. While the formatting function will erase all locked/unlocked files. * If there are no files in the camera, no items will be seen. 1 Menu items in Setting mode Power-on > Press the MODE button > Select the Setting ( ) mode > Press the OK button. Item Option Description Date & Time -Set date and time. Beep On Enable beep sound. Shutter On Disable beep sound, but keep Shutter sound. Off Disable beep sound. Flicker 50Hz Set flicker frequency to 50Hz*. 60Hz Set flicker frequency to 60Hz*. TV-Out NTSC S...

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