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Instruções de Operação Canon, Modelo PowerShot SX240 HS

Fabricante : Canon
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Facilidade de uso

• Press the shutter button lightly ( ). • The camera beeps twice after focusing, and AF frames are displayed to indicate image areas in focus. Press the shutter button all the way down ( ). Trying the Camera Out Shoot movies. • Press the movie button to start shooting, and press it again to stop. Viewing Enter Playback mode. • Press the 1 button. Browse through your images. • To view the previous or next image, press the qr buttons or turn the 5 dial. • Movies are identified by a icon. To play movies, go to step 3. Play movies. • Press the m button, choose (either press the op buttons or turn the 5 dial), and then press the m button again. • Press the m button to access the movie control panel, choose (either press the qr buttons or turn the 5 dial), and then press the m button again. • To adjust the volume, press the op buttons. • Playback now begins, and after the movie is finished, is displayed. Viewing the Manuals Erasing the Images To erase the image you chose in step 2, do the following. Note that erased images cannot be recovered. Press the p button. After [Erase?] is displayed, press the qr buttons or turn the 5 dial to choose [Erase], and then press the m button. Viewing the Manuals Refer to the manuals on the included DIGITAL CAMERA Manuals Disk for a more in-depth understanding of the camera, or when using software on the DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk. Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF manuals. Microsoft Word/Word Viewer can be installed to view the Word manuals (required only for manuals for the Middle East). • Insert the DIGITAL CAMERA Manuals Disk in the computer’s CD-ROM drive. • Follow the instructions displayed to view the manual. Explains how to use all functions of this camera, lists product Camera User Guide specifications, and explains procedures for installing the included software. ImageBrowser EX Instructions for the included software User Guide European Union (and EEA) only. These symbols indicate that this product is not to be disposed of with your household waste, according to the WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC), the Battery Directive (2006/66/EC) and/or your national laws implementing those Directives. If a chemical symbol is printed beneath the symbol shown above, in accordance with the Battery Directive, this indicates that a heavy metal (Hg = Mercury, Cd = Cadmium, Pb = Lead) is present in this battery or accumulator at a concentration above an applicable threshold specified in the Battery Directive. This product should be handed over to a designated collection point, e.g., on an authorized one-for-one basis when you buy a new similar product or to an authorized collection site for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries and accumulators. Improper handling of this type of waste could have a possible impact on the environment and human health due to potentially hazardous substances that are generally associated with EEE. Your cooperation in the correct disposal of this product will contribute to the effective usage of natural resources. For more information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, waste authority, approved scheme or your household waste disposal service or visit (EEA: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) CAUTION RISK OF EXPLOSION IF BATTERY IS REPLACED BY AN INCORRECT TYPE. DISPOSE OF USED BATTERIES ACCORDING TO LOCAL REGULATION. SX260 HS In certain countries and regions, the use of GPS may be restricted. Therefore, be sure to use GPS in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country or region. Be particularly careful when traveling outside your home country. For PowerShot SX260 HS: • Hereby, Canon Inc., declares that this AM014C is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. • Please contact the following address for the original Declaration of Conformity: CANON EUROPA N.V. Bovenkerkerweg 59-61, 1185 XB Amstelveen, The Netherlands CANON INC. 30-2, Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501, Japan © CANON INC. 2012 PRINTED IN THE EU Lieferumfang Lieferumfang Uberprufen Sie, ob die folgenden Teile im Lieferumfang enthalten sind. Wenden Sie sich an den Kamera-Handler, falls etwas fehlen sollte. Kamera Akku NB-6L (mit Akkuladegerat CB-2LYE Schnittstellenkabel Handschlaufe WS-DC11*1 Kontaktabdeckung) IFC-400PCU Handbuch CD-ROM CD-ROM Canon-Garantie- Erste Schritte DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA broschure (Dieses Handbuch) Manuals Disk*2 Solution Disk*3 *1 Anweisungen zur Befestigung finden Sie im Kamera-Benutzerhandbuch auf der CD-ROM DIGITAL CAMERA Manuals Disk. *2 Beinhaltet das Kamera-Benutzerhandbuch und das ImageBrowser EX Benutzerhandbuch (S. 8). *3 Enthalt die mit der Kamera verwendete Software. Anweisungen zur Installation finden Sie im Kamera-Benutzerhandbuch und Anweisungen zur Verwendung im ImageBrowser EX Benutzerhandbuch. Kompatible Speicherkarten Eine Speicherkarte ist nicht im Lieferum...

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