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Instruções de Operação Bosch, Modelo 3FG5672BC1/01

Fabricante : Bosch
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In any case, TAKE CARE TO AVOID DIRECT CONTACT between UNFROZEN food and food which is already FROZEN or the food ALREADY FROZEN may be SPOILT. How the warning light works The WARNING LIGHT is set to come on at "EMERGENCY TEMPERATURE". It is this light that observes and protects the preservation of your frozen foods. It FLASHES to make it more NOTICEABLE. Its job is to warn you of a rise in TEMPERATURE which might be caused by one of the following: -DOOR NOT PROPERLY CLOSED or opened too often over a short period. - A prolonged POWER CUT. For PEACE OF MIND remember that your FREEZER is designed to stand POWER CUTS LASTING UP TO 18 HOURS before it reaches "alarm level". - When a CERTAIN QUANTITY of fresh food is put in for FREEZING. In these circumstances the flashing is short-lived and stops once the food reaches temperature. Frozen food already in the freezer stays at a safe storage temperature. - A freezer FAULT. If this is the reason the flashing WILL GO ON. Consult the nearest Service Centre. In the event of PROLONGED FLASHING, check if FOOD is STARTING TO THAW. Any food which has started to thaw should be USED as soon as possible; NEVER REFREEZE. Hints for successful freezing -Only freeze FRESH food in GOOD CONDITION. -Make sure the food is CLEAN and either WRAP or place in SEALED CONTAINERS, pressing out all AIR. - Do not freeze OVER-LARGE PORTIONS. Each pack should be used at one go. -Allow COOKED FOOD to cool to ROOM TEMPERATURE before freezing. -Place commercially FROZEN FOODS in the freezer as soon as possible. Do not freeze PACKS which are POORLY SEALED. Commercially frozen prepackaged food SHOULD BE STORED in accordance with the manufacturers instructions for three star frozen food storage compartments. - NEVER exceed the STORAGE PERIODS shown on the packs. -Always label HOME-FROZEN foods with the CONTENTS, FREEZING DATE AND EXPIRY DATE. When taking food out make sure that you use the earliest first. -In the event of a power cut do not open the freezer door; a short power cut will not affect the food inside. -If there is a noticeable rise in the freezer temperature (power cut, door not closed properly, freezer failure), use the food up as soon as possible. - Use any THAWED food as soon as possible; NEVER REFREEZE. - NEVER put BOTTLES in your freezer. The liquid will expand as it freezes, causing an EXPLOSION. - NEVER store CARBONATED LIQUIDS (FIZZY DRINKS) in the freezer. This can be dangerous. Artificial ice blocks This accessory is only included with certain models, so if yours does not contain one, disregard this section. The artificial ice blocks prevent food from warming-up too quickly in the event of a power cut or failure. They are most effective if they are placed in the upper drawer directly on top of the products. The artificial ice blocks may be taken out of the appliance and used as a practical means to keep food temporarily cool, e.g. in an insulated cooling bag. Defrosting the freezer compartment The freezer compartment ...

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